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Women getting their head shaved

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With illegals being about 3% of the total population and ?invaders from the south? being about half of that? I call bullshit.

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Women getting their head shaved
Women getting their head shaved
Women getting their head shaved
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Brazshura 30.04.2018
Does it mean something different to you? I'd say that's an old fashioned view of mine...I know women my age who don't bat an eye on the idea of going dutch for first dates.
Zulkinos 10.05.2018
Should we help them over and over again, every hurricane season? Maybe they need to mandate those kinds of preparations so we don't have to help them AFTER they lost everything.
Dagami 17.05.2018
he was implying that the lady in the story is a liberal and her "bitchiness" (what you implied in your meme) was because she had tds.
Vugor 21.05.2018
Hawking is not good in philosophy. His conclusion about God was very wrong and criticized by many philosophers. How could one deny God's role in creation while he didn't explain the source of gravity force?!
Dounos 24.05.2018
Well, you?re mixing up taxing the house vs. not taxing a percentage of the clergy?s income for housing. And self employed individuals can still deduct their health insurance depending on how they structure their business, the same as any large company. This is not an exclusive practice and it?s available to any employer, large or small, through various means.
Doushura 28.05.2018
Damn, that's messed up.
Dak 30.05.2018
Be that as it may, I would hardly consider "eating or drinking or playing board games" on the same level or "natural" for humans as killing and maiming each other. Also "natural" hardly equals good or desired. Hurricanes and floods might also be "natural," but they certainly aren't desirable and should be avoided.
Tabar 03.06.2018
I remember thinking that if mitt Romney wins the presidency my life in Utah will be miserable LOL the Mormons would?ve been insufferable. And then there?s BYU. As I am an Ole Miss fan you can understand my pain.
Malazragore 10.06.2018
That is what makes his base of support so confusing.
Gardall 20.06.2018
Conversely, if there were no illegal immigrants doing the lowest jobs, they would not get done until the wages improved.
Vudoshakar 28.06.2018
Was it self defense?
Nigore 03.07.2018
Not to mention giving you reason to research their religion for hours on end, and discussing it for years on end. For something that you say is so obscure. Funny it seems to be your reason for living.
Nek 11.07.2018
Based solely on this poll. Yes. I concede to the findings that a "slim" majority support a
Voodoomi 14.07.2018
Hmmm...On it. Maybe!


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