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Visible penis line in public

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Oh heck yeh. Harassment needs to be dealt with.

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Visible penis line in public
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Mazukora 10.07.2018
We have sprinklers. The damage was water from them lol
Dirn 18.07.2018
Straight from the desktop? (no pun intended...)
Mezizuru 23.07.2018
Do you mean his friendship with cardinal Pacelli and his signing Concordat with the RCC was anti-Christian? I agree with that. Hitler's pope Pius XII was Antichrist.
Shaktijas 26.07.2018
Christians can't do that either, because their morality isn't objective. It is simply authoritarian.
Gakus 01.08.2018
Well obviously you do need faith, or else you all would accept the proof. You lack faith in science and you lack faith by a blindness influenced by Spirituality Warfare. So if you actually look at the PROOF ( I prefer to say Evidence as proof is ALWAYS in the eye of the beholder) and if you have an OPEN-MIND you might BELIEVE the Evidence in the case for Christ. All the evidence adds up to a leap of faith with Christ Victorious and submission to Him in the end.
Zulkim 04.08.2018
Christians enacted and condones and defended slavery. And fought SSM.
Gardajin 13.08.2018
Isn't that lovely. You have been given information that disproves what you claim and you push it off as "outliers."
Mikasho 20.08.2018
Even our finite brains can easily tell that the bible is nonsense in places, so what god are you talking about?
Arak 28.08.2018
I haven't commented at all on the articles nor really the OP so to assume I am saying something is beyond ridiculous, all I have ever done here is point out that you know nothing about what you are talking about in regards to evolution or anything pertain to or around it.
Dutaxe 03.09.2018
The Commie jerks we can't do anything about because they don't need our American $$.
Gajinn 07.09.2018
Well, people added the "nonsense" part because some don't want this to look poorly for Trump, so rather than wanting to see what Russia did, they'd rather just call it nonsense and hope it's nothing.
Mautilar 14.09.2018
The Innu used to put them on ice floes when resources got scarce. Imagine how tough things would have to harpies been to do that?
Dim 22.09.2018
Another article about this suggests something interesting too:
Mezizahn 29.09.2018
Make it double incest, for that matter - the global flood has reset the population back to doing one's sister, or at the very least cousin.
Akilrajas 05.10.2018
I remember the flap over that - drivers saying she had an unfair advantage being lighter weight that they weren't sexist.
Grokus 07.10.2018
Yeah, we are baking down here in florida. I fix industrial refrigeration equipment and we are already working 6 12 hour days a week.
Maukus 08.10.2018
You can't provide a single example of the exact same conditions producing different outcomes. You can't cite a single mainstream, peer-reviewed scientist who presupposes an orderly universe or a single mainstream, peer-reviewed scientific source enunciating your "rules of the game. You can't relate these "rules of the game" to any aspect of the scientific method.
Dam 11.10.2018
It's always raining somewhere or cloudy.
Kakazahn 14.10.2018
Evolution is not randomness, it's adaptation. Specifically mindless adaptation to the current environment through a process of natural selection. There's no contradiction in recognising that nature is magnificent and ferocious and beautiful and amazing and full of wonders - that's exactly what you'd expect to see from natural selection on this scale.
Domi 19.10.2018
Apt nickname you found for yourself.
Shakora 25.10.2018
That is the one!
Fer 01.11.2018
Neither have you.


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