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Vintage audiophile stereo tape recorder repair

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Vintage audiophile stereo tape recorder repair
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Zugrel 09.08.2018
And my corrections of you go back even further.
Zugar 15.08.2018
No time now. You should have been open to talk about it earlier instead of playing games.
Bacage 20.08.2018
Contrary to what you think, they don't come from god. God commands like you do to your dog. Those aren't morals
Nejin 26.08.2018
Yes, I read your whole post. But it was just the standard stuff. How do I put this? If you don't have a little doubt of your own about the contemporary origins myth, then I just know from experience nothing I say is going to register. So it's really not you per se, just that I've been through this enough times already and want to avoid the insanity of doing the same thing but expecting a different result.
Kagak 30.08.2018
The 'Creator,' like 'nature and nature's God' is a reflection of the thinking of the time and what was considered a proper justification for the idea that humans possess unalienable rights. Is belief in a Deist Creator not a religious belief? Your argument is that in the twelve years between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the US, all of the thinkers and founders involved experienced some transformational conversion away from the foundational idea upon which their independence was founded?
Vunos 07.09.2018
I didn't care to argue specifics, but the idea that it's now possible, though unlikely, that the gay marriage ruling could be overturned should be enough to worry any rational human being.
Vujar 13.09.2018
It is, I use Popcorn mostly.
Duzshura 23.09.2018
Perhaps his mother should look into piano lessons or something to occupy her precocious poopsy.
Zuluktilar 30.09.2018
"ugly repulsive bug-eyed pig"
Majin 05.10.2018
They are leftist White scum...
Mazubar 13.10.2018
If you Rightists would stop using your money to squeeze every last drop of life-force out of the American proletariat to satisfy your greedy needs we wouldn?t protest and funk shit up for you rich whites to clean up
Kibar 22.10.2018
You live in one of the greatest countries in history, live better than most people on the planet, never gone to war or had siblings who died from fever or rickets.
Akinogal 25.10.2018
NASA and JPL don't use radiometric dating.
Kigazshura 30.10.2018
The happiness rating of a drug user, when high, is up there also....


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