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Mom & Daughter Cam Show 2

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So your rule only applies to psychologists?

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Sazuru 18.03.2018
Good thing it's probably just a story.
Tazuru 25.03.2018
I have explained it to others, and they have understood. But it was God alone Who makes it evident to them, as He does for me also.
Telabar 27.03.2018
You mean the god you cannot prove to exist.
Kazirisar 29.03.2018
For your second point, you weren't referring to actual scholars (who haven't heard of Schweitzer) right? It's a guarantee that every New Testament scholar has both heard of and read (and probably re-read) Albert Schweitzer.
Shajas 02.04.2018
I'm kind of in the same boat as your cousins. I love to cook, and a part of being a really good cook is tasting what you are making to make sure it's right(I may sample too much though). I like to bring joy through food. My mom is the same way. She's not happy unless she's feeding someone. She was also raised in a poor community at the end of the depression, so I think she gets some of those habits from that.
Taujar 05.04.2018
You make no sense to me. In your interpretation the lesson of the parable implies that "working in the vineyard" is "achieving the Kingdom of Heaven" or "achieving the Landowner" if you prefer as they are interchangeable. So what does the vineyard work represent ? Good deeds? gods work? and lead one to "the Landowner" or god? As in, Work makes one god? That sounds more like a socialist propaganda line rather than a religious tenet.
Mezilrajas 12.04.2018
"Nothing" is not "no thing" in physics; it IS something. Like "particle" it is taken as having a different meaning than in a non-scientific world.
Zulujas 20.04.2018
Then why do I constantly hear and read that without god there is no morality and that there is no reason to condemn rape, murder, etc?
Zulkijind 22.04.2018
I?m not looking for any excuse; I?m just noting that if god has provided a means to me scape it?s to escape suffering he?s mandated we endure
Julabar 24.04.2018
You and I both. They are often hoped for together.


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