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Russian russian girls are

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Russian russian girls are
Russian russian girls are
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Dugami 11.03.2018
Wow, about which "terrorist" acts you are talking? As much as I know unless some person with truly pysch problems, they were ALL done by Muslim. Period.
Kigacage 21.03.2018
I agree with that 100%. I am not a fan of separating families and I wouldn't have wanted my children away from me
Shakakora 25.03.2018
Trump castigates people like their son who died for his country. Trump is too little of a man to understand why they spoke out.
Kazahn 31.03.2018
Budget cuts due to the fact republicans destroyed the economy.
Arahn 06.04.2018
I bet you didn?t even research one single point before you made this comment. All indignancy and no intellect.
Dusho 10.04.2018
Um... We can see electricity. Every time there's a thunderstorm.
Samur 14.04.2018
The right is not racist ...the left is racist.
Tekree 16.04.2018
If you are uneducated, lazy, irresponsible, habitual criminal, drug abuser, WTF do you expect is going to hire you for a living wage? Prior to cell phones how did people effectively look for jobs?
Dubei 22.04.2018
If the lamp fell and hit something combustible (paper, cloth, etc) and simply set it afire by heat conduction, it wouldn't trip the breaker. Only an electrical issue in the lamp would (possibly). The best way to reduce this risk to to switch to LED light bulbs. They run much cooler than Incandescent or even CFL bulbs. They're also much more energy efficient and last a decade.
Vuzilkree 28.04.2018
i'm domestic, and i don't know how the language works 100% either
Shaktikora 03.05.2018
My book is better, no my book is better, you're a liar, no your a liar... all books burn. What if they had meant those who could not read and write would follow him...Though I feel his tribal leaders had more say then will ever be admitted to, much like others, a prophet is not the same as a messenger. And they will die at the hands of a ruling body without special consideration and bent knee to the social state.
Doum 08.05.2018
No. Again extremes. A guy that stole a gumball yesterday probably isn't going to rob a bank tomorrow, but if you look in the armed robber's history, you'd probably see that he started out with smaller crimes that got progressively worse. It's not out of line to say that someone who commits smaller crimes may graduate to bigger ones if they aren't stopped.
Tehn 11.05.2018
We have a NOTA candidate running in our riding. Green, Libertarian, Commie, plus the usual suspects. NOTA is listed as None of the Above. It's official name is None of the Above Direct Democratic Party. So we officially have a none of the above choice.
Meramar 16.05.2018
President Trump "skipping the climate change portion or the summit".....Duh.....he like many other sane people are keenly aware of the fact that climate changes and there is absolutely nothing that has been proposed thus far that will do anything about preventing it from changing....so why sit around and focus on something that you cant do anything about!
Shakagar 22.05.2018
No, but practically all terrorists are Muslim.
Maugore 26.05.2018
Most do, of course.
Sarn 29.05.2018
Redirects a lot of energy and time.
Yozshuktilar 06.06.2018
I'm 89!! Get it right!!
Malmaran 07.06.2018
Seriously. Teachers will behave as teachers. And I have lots of stories.
Shasida 17.06.2018
My god you are a fucking moron. Just when I think you can't get any dumber you say this.


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