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Quit Smoking Addiction

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Busty british nudist shares kinky secrets

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even if you agree with him, why would you want a president who can pardon himself?

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Quit Smoking Addiction
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Mirn 18.03.2018
Getting old, me 2.... If I put my photo on here ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ?? ??
Shakalkree 23.03.2018
Can't find it, but I think I found the report it actually came from.
Voodoolar 02.04.2018
Yes, there is STILL a lot of creation and invention going on every single day. No doubt about it. There is also a lot of INNOVATION happening with things already created/invented.
Samukree 06.04.2018
>>"What part of your statement is not "proof" then?"<<
Akinozuru 09.04.2018
US charge 25% tariff on EU trucks while EU has 10% on US trucks
Gardajinn 15.04.2018
You wanted to report me. That would be the most effective place for you to report me. Perhaps you're not aware, but you can also block people, too, so that I will be as invisible to you as you'd like gay people to be.
Nikolabar 21.04.2018
Vladimir Arnold, one of the greatest mathematicians of our time, explains the purpose and the social function of education:
Kashakar 27.04.2018
For sure: one tree. I'd just count Islam as a branch off the Jewish stem, not the Christian one.
Arashizragore 28.04.2018
Actually, the video showed the officers 1st attempting to take the phone he wasn't supposed to have and had been told to put down. I suppose this will become another reason for overpaid, unpatriotic NFL players to kneel during the national anthem.
Tojajind 04.05.2018
Because I gotta look at it lol.
Fezilkree 09.05.2018
It's not just freedom, it's wild abandon with no path. Freedom doesn't mean you can do whatever the hell you want, no consequences.
Tojam 16.05.2018
Lol so was I. Wtf was he talking about I had to change the channel. My man was like oh this is being watched globally. I?m gonna get my shine! Rambles on and on.
Juzahn 19.05.2018
Children. There are proposals to decrease the CHIP budget.
Voodoozilkree 28.05.2018
Absolutely. But if we have to make an estimate based on an incomplete information set... then we make an estimate based on an incomplete information set and put a star beside it.
Jujas 29.05.2018
They get paid to poke, zap, needle, drug and prod. Yet we are supposed to look down on BDSM... sigh I love this universe I think I will stay...
Shazil 07.06.2018
No, no. Before I even giggle at your silly assed demand that I engage in alternate history story telling, back up. Give me a citation showing that Romans refused to speak Greek or use Greek script during the 3rd century CE. Just because Plutarch stated in the 2nd c. that 'all men use Latin' doesn't mean they refused to learn any other language. Nor does it imply that xenophobia was the reason for the split. Honestly, I'm quite surprised you'd make such an obviously absurd statement, given that Rome's multiculturalism makes it very difficult to discern the extent of any given language at that time in various parts of the Empire. Greek certainly became the primary language in the Eastern Orthodox Empire. That's not the same as 'People in the West refused to speak Greek and use Greek script.' No, sweetie. You're out on a limb and you know it. Why else ask me to engage in such a fatuous exercise?
Faunos 10.06.2018
I owe you an apology. I did exactly as you said - misread your post. Due to the line break that comment stood out as being unelated to the line before it. The sort of error I rarely make, because I loath skim readers.
Mikarn 12.06.2018
I get VERY nervous when I see the loss of a fetus treated the same as murder.


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