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A very hot girl is having fun with 2 bisexual boys

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er, what about, er, you know, like a father and daughter.

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But this OP IS an endorsement of the Alt-Right, isn't it?

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Tojaran 03.07.2018
Again with the "IF". Mindless sheep deal in "IF's". Because if it's an "IF", then it could be anything. What "IF" the moon is made of cheese. Just think about it, and heres the proof, straight from the holy cheese book.
Tygokora 07.07.2018
It will ruin their credibility. I'd like to see them explain the contradictions.
Gutaur 12.07.2018
lol, you are exactly right! and that's why I thought about it too. So, logically, one cannot question the conclusion. I guess i'm saying I agree. I do not question the conclusion but as it is in science, we allow for a possibility the 'logic' was wrong or there was something we couldn't think of
Brarg 18.07.2018
Collective individual hearts lol
Zulugal 19.07.2018
Good question. I'm going to go with...Yeeeees?
Goltijinn 20.07.2018
There is truth in his statement that:
Akinozshura 30.07.2018
Is that a picture of the last remaining moderate Republican in Congress?
Kekora 30.07.2018
I don't think YOU get it. None of those states voted for the GOP candidate since Bush 41, and Wisconsin since Reagan (when just about every state did.) Trump didn't "flip" voters who had just flopped for Obama.
Groktilar 03.08.2018
Really, until someone mentions the word God and are of an age to understand, a baby has no idea there is a God. They are neither an atheist nor a theist.
Yozshuzuru 12.08.2018
Oh yeah Satan. The founder modern science. Hahahahahahahaha
Mazshura 19.08.2018
Whether a guy name Yeshua ever existed doesn't really matter.
Milabar 26.08.2018
kegels isn't it?
Tagar 28.08.2018
But one doesn't really 'choose' to think anything. Choosing is thinking and thinking is mere reflex based up the body/mind conditioning which is determined by the impressions of past experience. Thus the argument against free will stands on a solid, if irrelevant, foundation.
Tubar 05.09.2018
Ooohhhhh, pfft, gotcha
Tazuru 11.09.2018
"So...is that to say that the lives of certain people (students) have more value than those of others killed by gun homicide?"
Tashicage 21.09.2018
Empathy. I was born with or have developed the ability to empathize with other human beings. It enables me to realize that if I wouldn't want someone else to do something to me then I probably shouldn't do that something to someone else.
Grokus 26.09.2018
LOL youth dentistry...
Togore 02.10.2018
Unfortunately the educational problems you demonstrate are not fake. Take a textbook and read.
Yom 03.10.2018
Ninkasi is the only deity for me!
Nikokus 08.10.2018
Thanks--you have nothing.
Akinokus 14.10.2018
Doesn't the phrase "I am" reflect a verb?
Mele 17.10.2018
So for the past hundreds of years, who has called the national anthem problematic?
Taura 25.10.2018
Ditto ditto ditto.
Telkis 30.10.2018
The Bible does not claim that the earth is only 6,000 years old in so many words. That figure is derived from adding the ages of those listed in the genealogy together. Since we know the Word of God to be true and without error, we know that the figure approximates 6,000 years.
Galkree 05.11.2018
Then what's inductive reasoning to science, if not building off past evidence to progress new, unseen evidence? Its faith or confidence level in the premise!
Fenrigal 15.11.2018
Napoleon's family were Italians. The wars and invasions he conducted did not endear him to European countries or Russia. He became leader of France 1799. Made himself Emperor in 1804. 1808 he invaded Spain and made his brother King of Spain. His numerous invasions and wars were his undoing. Jews had nothing to do with it. His reign ended with the Treaty of Fontainebleau.
Shaktizshura 21.11.2018
From the convincing idea of a separate Self, we build our house of cards.


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