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Ian Scott and two school girls

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Ian Scott and two school girls

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Not even a debate here. You're absolutely correct :)

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Old and young thumbs
Old and young thumbs
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Felar 30.06.2018
No one at Duke thinks that this document is actually historical. You don't think it's actually historical, so it seems kinda silly to argue the point....
Kajisho 02.07.2018
It?s so weird how many people are successfully commenting on this thread without doing the abortion debate song and dance. Y?all are some clever motherf*ckers obviously.
Mazuzragore 11.07.2018
Define ally and see if it applies
Faektilar 21.07.2018
An intelligent person uses rational arguments if disagrees with someone. Your behaviour demonstrates that you are not one. But I presume it doesn't bother you.
Vudosho 30.07.2018
If people are wondering what Trump did with his companies that afforded him the Presidency position away from his other businesses? All taken care of before he was sworn in. It's the law that he sign over some major privileges to his family business.
Akinokus 02.08.2018
sadistic equestrian assailant, perhaps?
Yozshutaur 06.08.2018
'His Jesus of course as all scholars agree does not share much commonality with the Jesus of Nazareth of the gospels. " The Jesus I read in the Scriptures exists "undivided". "His" Jesus?
Tauzragore 11.08.2018
Greeny here likes to use this Texas fallacy I believe. He finds a positive result that a Christian was involved in out of billions of Christians and over a thousand years and then credits Christianity with whatever those Christians did.
Mile 15.08.2018
If I need to explain what wind is, I can hardly explain who God is.
Mugami 17.08.2018
Kinda warm weather for snowflakes isn't it
Tygozuru 20.08.2018
I thoroughly enjoyed game 1 and 3, the Game 1 and 2 last year was snoozers
Tazshura 27.08.2018
In other words, you have nothing to add to the discussion.
Tauktilar 01.09.2018
"To arrive where we started and know the place for the first time"
Vogor 06.09.2018
Interesting. Which cells are you and which are not?
Vudojora 08.09.2018
Stepping well aside from the word feminism and literally any discussion thereof, I will weigh in on the 'why do folks judge other folks' part.
Zulut 10.09.2018
Is there a use for the scientific method to determine love, friendship, or happiness? Sort of, but not very satisfyingly.
Zulkill 15.09.2018
90s: University, onset of panic attacks, marriage, unemployed for a few years, moved to a new city for work, and first child 1999.
Dujora 21.09.2018
Is it wrong for people to back up their assertions with facts?


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