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I had just got written up a week ago, and the less violent inmates were housed in the honor dorm.

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So, sucks to be an infertile HETERO couple who wants to get married, huh?

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Naked women in slips
Naked women in slips
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Arabei 05.07.2018
You don't address anything Im pointing to in this OP.
Gardazragore 06.07.2018
Here's a better part:
Bagal 11.07.2018
EFI and a supercharger.
Dougor 17.07.2018
But this isn't a discussion about how religions are founded. If it were we wouldn't be communicating as I wouldn't be part of that dialog. It's not that complicated and a formula repeated ad nauseam in many different cultures and nations.
Vodal 20.07.2018
Is this to avoid creationism or sex education?
Kigajora 30.07.2018
so what will you do when these goats rise up and invade earth
Dataur 01.08.2018
No one likes to be told their argument is a fallacious one, either, apparently. But I guess if you had a bad experience with an atheist then that must mean it applies to all atheists and you feel the need to paint us all with a broad brush and then argue against what you've painted instead of what's actually there.
Shagar 03.08.2018
Again with dodging and weaving. Predictable. And pathetic.
Fauzuru 05.08.2018
I hope Kitty doesn?t wake up and see this stuff! The FIRE will begin! Bless her sweet heart.
Godal 14.08.2018
You mean the god you can't prove exists.
Kazrami 21.08.2018
Medicaid is not what I have a problem with.
Arashigore 24.08.2018
How is it not comparable?
Meztira 03.09.2018
He actually didn't have to go at all, and now we are regretting it.
Moogutaur 08.09.2018
Those under 30 were still asleep or at work or at school. NDP supporters were still hungover from the previous night's pot and beer.
Yolrajas 09.09.2018
I am guessing that revving the P is what would get the car moving at optimal speed.
Kagagore 16.09.2018
You responded to me, I responded back, then you keep responding to a post, you already responded to in place of later posts.
Dairamar 23.09.2018
You do realize that there is no way possible for all people to be equal right?
Tugal 27.09.2018
You can get a Shiner anywhere.
Gosho 06.10.2018
Hunting has it's place for population control. Obviously that is not the intention when you are shooting elephants or opening the flood gates to allow animals to be killed in dens.
Meztitilar 16.10.2018
The words of a Christian serving his god.
Zulkikinos 21.10.2018
No, I am not making things up, but you keep going with that if it makes you feel better about yourself and let's you sleep better at night ok?
Kazrazahn 26.10.2018
They banned the satii, they'll soon abrogate the law against homosexuals.
Danris 31.10.2018
was Jeff Goldblum poor in that movie? I thought he was just a nerdy hippy
Salabar 01.11.2018
How do you filter them? ID?
Kigis 08.11.2018
We have no need for external gods and goddesses made up by the minds of ancient, primitive human beings. We are the gods and goddesses. We have no need for any other.
Kajisida 12.11.2018
Just sell the goddam cake.
Mezit 15.11.2018
Several billions of years after the appearance of the Universe? Definitely not beginning.


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