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"We'll pray to a golden statue of the Monopoly top-hat guy."

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Mommy fuck me 2
Mommy fuck me 2
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Faukazahn 27.06.2018
Yes! I do.
Kami 28.06.2018
Notice in your cited scripture of Matthew 15:24, he "sent" to the lost sheep of Israel. Who "sent" him? Is the one sending not greater than the one sent?
Zulkilabar 01.07.2018
Fully aware, meaning the "true" Christians?
Zulusida 03.07.2018
That depends on moral definition. No one has a moral perfection except God but people could have a high morality like Jesus and all other prophets. Jesus himself has made many faults in the Bible that I couldn't believe it actually happened that way. For example, He told his followers, he would not go up to the hill but he did and he told them to take a donkey without the permission of its owner etc.
Tautaur 14.07.2018
It's all part of that perfidious plan of you women to take over and rule the world. ??
Kajisida 14.07.2018
NO...the trans woman should NOT get money, unless there was doxxing by the specific store she went to, and by an employee at that store...and not as a result of any action by the trans woman putting her case in the public eye.
Mizahn 24.07.2018
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too effing funny.
Vibar 30.07.2018
The 'plus' of being a surgeon is that one saves people's lives and improves them immensely as my friend did mine.
Shaktirisar 04.08.2018
Yes, I know the point, I was raised in your Religion. I think your Religion is full of false christs.
Meztigar 06.08.2018
At least you know you are ignorant and don't need any evidence to prove it.
Dojora 07.08.2018
It's not sex with a child... I guarantee the principle watches porn on his office computer
Moogujin 09.08.2018
I understand they were once a reputable newspaper.
Sakazahn 10.08.2018
No, just hand-waved away. You didn't present anything other than opinion.
Magrel 15.08.2018
No really, thanks...you've outdone yourself.
Zulkree 25.08.2018
hmmm if they have tattoo on their face... background check please >.>


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