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"Evolution claws its way forward in blind, fumbling responses to whatever happens to be around."

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Mobei 17.07.2018
Well of course you're not military. That would mean you did anything.
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That?s exactly the facts.
Zugrel 04.08.2018
Yeah so ummm no
Tura 07.08.2018
Oh, thanks for the compliment!
Gucage 13.08.2018
Care to cite any manuscripts prior to the second century containing auctorial attributions of the apostles.
Gole 14.08.2018
Why? That has nothing to do with intelligence, patriotism or common sense. Sotomayor is proof of that.
Faejora 24.08.2018
When people use science like that, they are invoking the feild, often more than one feild and not a set part. For exsample evolution covers like 5 or more feilds of study. So science is used as a short hand.
Tojami 30.08.2018
Creationism is hokum. You're not a scientist. What else is there to say? Science doesn't need to confirm gradualism or anything else for you or anybody else. That isn't the job of scientists. Science isn't done by debates or by writing books which is all the Intelligent Design Magic hoaxers can do, but rather by experimentation and demonstration, things Intelligent Design Magic hoaxers have never done and cannot do. Scientists study how stuff works in Nature and then they put that knowledge to work making the world a better, safer, healthier, more leisurely and less worrisome place. Believe whatever you want. Post whatever you want. It isn't going to make Jesus real or heaven real or any of your religitard fantasies come true.
Gut 09.09.2018
Are you saying it's not because of demand for better wages, because that seems to be what you're initial post suggests.
Kazrasho 16.09.2018
I know someone who can't gwt out of such a town because he'd have to move hundreds of miles and he takes care of his disabled, home-ridden mother. He's far from the only one.


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