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Well, since Muslims don't learn about Muhammad from Karen Armstrong, I propose sticking to Hadith and Sira. In the first place, Muhammad claimed that both Torah and Bible were corrupted by Jews and Christians correspondingly, do you think it is expression of respect?

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Shagor 30.04.2018
Sex dungeon holla!
Mazugis 04.05.2018
Yes, Asherah is his wife, who was originally El's consort with whom they had 70 sons. When Yahweh was identified with El, Asherah became his consort. Her name is stated in the Bible.
Yokree 10.05.2018
Is he actually wearing toe shoes?
Kazragar 14.05.2018
We already know how this "summit" will end for Spanky:
Kazracage 16.05.2018
But I see you crediting a separate entity when you should be crediting, just you. Why call it god? It's you! Now, you, I can believe in!
Nikonos 18.05.2018
You can order books digitally. It's great. ...*smirk*.
Mazilkree 23.05.2018
Where did you get the information that every person in the US has access to a public nursing home?
Gardaramar 26.05.2018
False. Liberals do not have common sense. Which is why they promote homosexuality in the first place.
Nigar 03.06.2018
Well....you're quite the asshole.
Vule 07.06.2018
Yeah...I thought of you as I was driving today. God teaches me that no matter how heavy my burden seems...always there are those who suffered more.
Taugal 16.06.2018
I think this may be a gender thing. Makes me wonder why when there were more legit men only spaces it became such a big deal? Sounds like a double standard.
Meztimi 25.06.2018
I'm reading some of his comments right now... whoa!
Moshura 01.07.2018
You sure had me fooled.
Kebar 09.07.2018
Yes: Jesus teaches that the man has a moral responsibility in how he perceives the woman, and it's not the woman's fault for being beautiful: it's the man's fault for lusting. Remarkably progressive considering this is a story from an era when women were property.
Grojind 17.07.2018
No I think I responded to your idea of us all making the world good by our selves. As sinners that's impossible.
Dusar 20.07.2018
The scientist has faith the premise is sound. It allows science to move forward.
Tojatilar 21.07.2018
But Putin's a *very* conservative Christian. No one's done as much to make the Russian Church an arm of the Russian government!
Balkis 30.07.2018
Yes. How long have you hated Catholics?
Brarg 03.08.2018
Customers or employees, really not important to the point that they were allowed to discriminate based on religion.
Zolorn 07.08.2018
Lots of people get it that never paid into it. Lots of people are on government assistance from womb to coffin...
Tasida 14.08.2018
LOL Oh I called it and myself a few bad names... I guess all those warning labels on it are useful information after all.
Turg 24.08.2018
Yesterday a Black, left wing campaign worker was arrested for making threats against a Florida Republican congressman. ........
Jular 27.08.2018
...and he thinks Roy Moore would be a model Sunday School teacher at the middle school level.
Gunos 05.09.2018
You make claims about what I am supposed to be doing but don't demonstrate that I am doing it in the least.
Shaktidal 07.09.2018
IMHO the extrapolation is inherently flawed.
Zolorg 12.09.2018
Your evidence is....
Najas 21.09.2018
Some people don't understand the difference between a job that exists because there is an economic rationale for it, vs a job that exists for the sake of a job.
Doukora 23.09.2018
"The list of attacks by outsiders would be far, far larger of course, and those Muslims killed as a consequence of their interference would be more than an order of magnitude higher than your list of Christians killed."
Fektilar 26.09.2018
You're the one here singling out atheism and you presume to berate us and offer nothing in return. You lie about atheists, atheism, and the lack of belief we have. You make up stuff we believe, and then get indignant by stating something truly, monumentally stupid like me being "traditionaphobic" towards "traditional marriages" when talking about same-sex marriage.
Teshura 02.10.2018
No,your heart is capable of more love & appreciation for your
Voodoogrel 09.10.2018
Nutzis aren't a protected class.
Dilrajas 14.10.2018
I don't get how you still get newspapers
Kadal 16.10.2018
Slavery was quite moral: the historical alternative we are aware of from the Bronze Age was mass murder.
Faegrel 26.10.2018
I like getting the invites. This forum is a useful scan of "what are Americans thinking about today"
Talkis 01.11.2018
Fortunately for the rest of the world Christians allowed for secularism in their societies, thus not being like the Islamic world today. This was not the case during the Dark Ages (the Golden Years of Christianity).


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