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you've nailed it! their thin veneer of decency and tolerance has been wiped away.

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Yep, can you prove it doesn't.
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The Pied Piper merely leads people away into Neverland.
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btw mind if I steal that one day?
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Nope, I was just explaining how one can claim they aren't a sinner. Muslims consider you an infidel. Are you an infidel?
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You say ?first man or first woman?
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Vishnus is the boss in the sense that there is nothing but Vishnu. Everything comes out of Vishnu's body.
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The required ultrasound isn't to inform, it's to persuade.
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Take a look at real scientists and thinkers that were put to death (tortured for long as possible) at the hands of the Church.
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Does light only come from the sun?
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Considering how vague the statements are, there really aren't any meaningful conclusions to be drawn.
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Go it alone?
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Never said you did. Talking about Free will, where in that sentence do the words free will appear?
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Everybody loves porn stars!
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The Orange Turd once again proves to be a BULLY.
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I consider belief in something on faith to be stupid. That encapsulates pretty much all religions.
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"I find it extremely hard to believe that a household that earns $2,000 each week is "poor"!"
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This isn't the topic so stop it.
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That is kind of my point-
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Great stuff,I will keep it bookmarked.
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I forget what the term is, but think of this...
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Were you an extremely small person at the age of 15?
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But they (Germany) have been our bestest friend ever since D Day. :-)
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That rant did not make sense yesterday either.
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1 - They should remain neutral.
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"I think social shaming began with the social justice warriors of the Left."


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