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Thank you for that interesting example. It sounds like a fascinating subject. My niece does the same thing as you. She has build a family genealogy going back many generations. I must have a long discussion about it with her :-)

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Goltitilar 13.04.2018
"Why would anyone compromise on their beliefs? That is just ridiculous."
Mut 21.04.2018
Hi there. Thanks for raising this. it seems I've omitted to take in the potential differences between US and UK law. In UK law:
Marr 29.04.2018
God has trouble expressing himself clearly.
Vogis 08.05.2018
It wasn't Sanders who 'resigned' from her position and lost income from being shut-down. Wilkinson is just another leftist loser.
Shakar 17.05.2018
Sadly, I agree that the Dominionists (like VP Dense) want exactly that.
Nikolrajas 19.05.2018
AGREED. Prime has it!
Kagalkis 26.05.2018
Okay, but cliches are cliches for a reason. It happens a lot more than you'd believe. Some of us just "get it" before the end happens. It'll happen to you more than likely.
Kazrami 29.05.2018
Nice! For me, kindness and compassion are on the list. But I don't buy into the self improvement perspective, as rating myself has always brought me pain, and interfered with my growth.
Tukinos 02.06.2018
Nationalize the schools, perhaps? I am no fan of the Church especially when I read of its treatment of children in the last century. Maybe it is a drastic over simplification, but I am a dirty commie after all O
Mezigore 09.06.2018
No logic fail. G-D spoke, Moses wrote. G-D spoke, Prophets wrote. I know of no human who said they were inspired to write the way you mean it.
Dusho 13.06.2018
They are this time of year.
Vojora 20.06.2018
The Star's view: Why Horwath can't continue to prop up Wynne
Goltihn 30.06.2018
Wow, this is getting so stupid I wonder if you really believe anything you say yourself. A genuine fundie would know that the scriptures were not written 6000 years ago.
Dobei 01.07.2018
I agree. No one, I say again! NO ONE! has the right to inflict their ideas, good or bad, on another person. This is the basis for every religious persecution that has ever taken place, and is abhorrent.
Grorn 05.07.2018
you are calling yourself the abortionist now LOL
Daikora 10.07.2018
no, fresh anus,, its quite tasty. i used to have some growing in my garden ,as a kid..
Zuzil 17.07.2018
What? You really are yearning for my attention, fan boy.
Malabar 18.07.2018
It's "the way it is" because its how you have chosen to look at it.
Brasida 26.07.2018
A guaranteed liveable income tax?
Mem 04.08.2018
Cool whataboutism technique, foh.
Gazil 14.08.2018
It's a possibility, I suppose... and even if Jesus was a myth, the writers of the NT might have had something like that in mind; I think they had a pretty good idea that they were engaging in social engineering, though... and if you read the Apocalypse of Peter (which used to be canonical) you'll see that their beliefs were not as rosy as you are making out... and if you were right, why didn't they use plain speech?
Yojin 23.08.2018
I just have one question. Why?
Gukinos 28.08.2018
I?ve got me figured out. Decisive in the relationship. Totally laid back among friends


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