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Human behavior ecology + sexual access

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Doubly so when they have the same name as their father and grandfather. That's like the American equivalent to royalty.

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Human behavior ecology + sexual access
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Vudomi 30.07.2018
go find it and educate me. I will wait.
Zolojin 01.08.2018
It's funny/sad that there are thousands of rap songs on Spotify that talk about doing acts worse than R. Kelly has been accused of and are advertised on the website/app.
Akinogami 06.08.2018
Really? you have proof of that?
Mezihn 12.08.2018
All in time....
Nikosida 17.08.2018
Too true. You think "I may not have the connections of Meghan Markle but I could have your balls crushed in an instant"
Akidal 19.08.2018
So little is known or can be proved that such a man can not be described accurately enough to say we knew he existed.
Akinoll 27.08.2018
What did the brown clown get for the billions sent to iran?
Zologal 04.09.2018
"But should what you or I find disgusting really be the basis of objective morality?"
Fenrijas 14.09.2018
I say heartbeat, you say brain. The point is, at some point both of these are fully formed. Do you then acknowledge it as a human being?
Zulkiktilar 19.09.2018
I'm not worried ;)
Gotilar 28.09.2018
Can you point to atheist doctrine please or any characteristic shared by all atheists other than they don't believe in a god?
Taunos 02.10.2018
Bring reason to the table instead of fairy tale nonsense. Leave the dangerous mind pollution of religion in your cult buildings where it belongs. Make your argument then when you lose it, sit down and STFU and stop whining like petulant children having a tantrum because they were told they don't get their way. The cults and their on going scab picking sore loser drag on humanity has to end.
Vudomi 05.10.2018
The go to non religious one tends to be "its unnatural" or "they can't reproduce" or "it goes against natural law" which neither of those are good reasons since it is nature, they rarely explain why it goes against "natural law" and they don't tend to take a stance against hetero couples who can't have kids having sex.
JoJolkree 14.10.2018
We haven't seen your proof... which means you're the BSer.
Samukasa 24.10.2018
Good day. Here's a scene that wouldn't happen with our Golden.
Akinojinn 01.11.2018
Many of the native people of the americas have always treates women equally. The spiritualleadership traditions of our people women are on equal footing for thousands of years.
Fauzshura 04.11.2018
The fact that you need and ideology to cling to shows that you are nowhere near ready for the decline of religion.
Tekinos 07.11.2018
We ?know? or have good reason to accept many things as factual.
Faekazahn 15.11.2018
Look, when I'm in a crowded elevator during a convention with a beer or two in me and an unlimited supply of burritos, there should be an "equality of fear".
Mazulrajas 18.11.2018
Don't give me that mantra! There are so many different opinions by physicists that it's not funny! Which one is your preferred flavour of the day ? It is simply an attempt to explain the origins of the universe without involved intelligence and the various theories do not line up with each other. They are full of conjecture and theoretical suppositions, but a unifying postulate hasn't even begun to scratch the surface. Hawkins has been searching for the theory of everything. Hasn't been found yet. Give me a call when they do.
Faejinn 26.11.2018
I don?t know.
Voodooshicage 30.11.2018
Ham tam ack!
Gozahn 04.12.2018
I agree that domestication is a symbiosis. In fact our domestication of wolves is what has created dogs, an entire new species that can no longer survive in the wild and is wholly dependant on the partnership with us in order to survive. Be it as workers ie. shepherds, guard dogs etc or mere pets.
Mushicage 13.12.2018
Then we'd be frigid [email protected] wait....
Goltilkree 19.12.2018
Do I get how that is related to Pinky and the Brain? Nope, sorry, still don't see it.


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