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How many adult american citizens

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It doesn't? It's basic English grammar.

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How many adult american citizens
How many adult american citizens
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Tausar 25.02.2018
How's the internet there?
Dokree 07.03.2018
How long before you create another screen name after being banned?
Kigatilar 13.03.2018
Also... so I've been chasing a company about the repair of a super expensive pen.
Zulujind 13.03.2018
I mean where I am from everyone wants a free cocktail LOL
Malasida 21.03.2018
It's the best - the everythings. My Dad use to do work in the city, and he would bring us back bagels from H&H bagels. When my brother worked with him, he speaks fondly of how great it smelled because they were there in the early morning hours when they were first cooking all the bagels. They also use to make this variation of a bagel ...and I don't know how it's spelled but it sounds like "be-alie"...they were thinner like-bagels with the same crisp outside and doughy inside and they would have a thin layer of bread with onion and seeds in the middle of it that would crips up so nicely when toasted. Those were my favorite. I don't know if they make them anymore. You can't get bagels like that anywhere else but NYC.
Shalrajas 30.03.2018
It is very convenient to be able to define your God in any way that you like without having to prove that definition. You simply define your god as being outside of space and time and not subject to any laws of physics or logic whatsoever and suddenly your god is capable of being and doing absolutely anything, making him totally impossible to disprove. Of course, it also makes him totally impossible to prove.
Shaktitaxe 06.04.2018
A talented Renaissance man and a genuine person. That's really sad. He was about the only thing left that made me watch CNN.
Zulkisar 17.04.2018
But if you can't pay it back, they take your house. It might have been better to just sell it.
Zuran 18.04.2018
How would you know it wasn't God that carried it away? Or an invisible fairy. Or an infinite number of invisible fairies wearing "Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out" t-shirts?
Malara 27.04.2018
False. Your minds are held captive by Satan, and are not free at all. Yes, atheism is a religion. It meets all of the definitions of a religion listed in a dictionary. Not only is atheism a religion, but it is a rather stupid religion, based upon fairytale magic.
Kejora 05.05.2018
You didn't really have to answer that sarcastic rhetorical question. Any accomplishments Giuliani once had are slowly being wiped away by the garbage that is sprayed out of his mouth on a daily basis
Dozuru 07.05.2018
I would hope so, but I doubt it. I think some in his base support him blindly.
Tojalkis 12.05.2018
No he didn't. He offered to sell them anything in the store except a custom cake celebrating a same sex marriage.
Samujin 19.05.2018
Which goes to show you can prove anything to a halfwit.
Gall 23.05.2018
I'm very glad our scientists don't buy into that kind of superstitious clap trap and nonsense. That pant load is reserved for the religitards among us.
Shaktisida 28.05.2018
Just because someone has a different opinion than yours doesn't make them "ironic and clueless"


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