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I am not judging. It is God who judged in Leviticus.

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Hindu lgbt gay lesbian
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Shami 18.07.2018
All valid points, but none negate that Nuclear Energy is the surest cleanest form of power generation.
Vudomuro 25.07.2018
My daughter likes to know the "why" to everything.
Fenrimuro 29.07.2018
It's not a linear effect, temperature extremes are what was predicted with a general trend toward warming. Forget the data and look at the effects, don't have to be a scientist to notice ice shelf's and glaciers melting away, tree's and vegetation moving north etc...
Tujind 29.07.2018
Why would you use a black quote, can't you find a smart Texan? As for copycatting, I accept your weak compliment.
Togami 08.08.2018
While you are correct that the treaty was breached? It is still one of the first examples of where a Founding Father stated that the United States was not founded on the Christian religion. I did forget about your quote, I do have it. But I forgot I had that one.
Goltigrel 12.08.2018
Present the evidence that evolution doesn't work the way you think it does? How about you present the definition of "micro evolution" and "macro evolution" you use? That way we know what we're working with.
Arashilrajas 15.08.2018
As I said before, if a priest asks for a microphone, and the microphone is for the church, the anti-Christian is obliged to sell him the microphone.
Fegal 16.08.2018
information provided on the internet some time ago years back about the conversions of the mentioned .. Muslims and Chinese, Jesus making up for lost time with those nations...the bible tells us the seed of the word of God will not take root in hardened ground..whereas the people in those other nations are softened by the severe conditions they face in their daily lives..
Nibei 23.08.2018
It's an easy precedent against government hostility toward religious beliefs.
Gabei 31.08.2018
Yes, you do. The evidence is written in the hearts of every living person on the face of this earth.
Faerr 02.09.2018
Nah! I like the slight bitter taste of dark. Dark is much better!
Meztilkree 05.09.2018
Funny, I identified a Gish Gallop in a discussion yesterday. It must be Gish Gallop Weekend.
Tushakar 06.09.2018
Oh please stop the BS you know perfectly well that the one thing that is true about sightings of bigfoot is that it is never invisible.
Shaktikree 15.09.2018
But you cannot truly prove any of those
Dotaur 22.09.2018
One thing that bothers me is families that buy these enormous cars for their teens when they're all going in the same direction and could carpool.
Kisar 01.10.2018
If you are equating faith to trust (as you like to define it yet you don't seem to live by that definition) then I trust a lot of things to various degrees depending on the evidence.
Kigazshura 11.10.2018
JFK?s big claim to fame is being handsome
Tygora 15.10.2018
Now that I've had some coffee here is what I would do (if you choose to do it that is on you).
Kagalabar 23.10.2018
You said: Every baby is born into sin whether they are gay or straight
Nikozilkree 27.10.2018
Guess I don't know what the experience of conceiving by the Holy Spirit would be like, so difficult to say, lol.
Arasida 02.11.2018
If serpents can speak, so can heavenly rhinos.
Dugar 10.11.2018
Heterosexuality is the majority, but all three are norm.
Mikall 20.11.2018
When you start recruiting from a target group based on some discrimatory criteria, any capable person from that group is automatically assumed to be second rate and to have only got the post because they are part of the group.
Vudosho 27.11.2018
That is correct. However, you do know exactly who he is referring to... making the rhetoric (while incorrect and stupid) at least decipherable.
Vutilar 30.11.2018
It seems that the only things left to run on would be raising taxes, scaring minorities and maybe sending a few more billion dollars to the Iranian mullahs.
Tataur 01.12.2018
Aren't you worried that dictatorships always result in uprisings?
Fenrimi 01.12.2018
Then select a more befitting word, but it does not remove the fact that one must make an unverifiable axiom to begin logic.
Vuzuru 10.12.2018
There could be many reasons.
Mazugul 13.12.2018
This kind of thing needs energy. Lots of energy. Electrical grids aren't buried.
Mugar 22.12.2018
It is a religion that changes and has changed, like every other.
Tojarn 01.01.2019
First thought: we don't have peace here, so we bring the battlefield to a new surface.


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