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Your Wifes Sneaky Sister Sucks You Dry

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The Bible has a creator while the Veddas have a disintegrator. Who's to say one is right and the other wrong?

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Malajar 13.05.2018
Agreed. The other side of the coin from yesterday. I was interested in how people felt about the opposite issue.
Arajinn 20.05.2018
I'll tell you something else. I didn't work for almost a year back in 2006 and I felt like I had to be superwife, and after I went back to work, guess what? My husband got used to me doing all the cooking, cleaning and laundry and stopped helping and hasn't helped since.
Shakajar 30.05.2018
Try to "refute" without name-calling.
Meztimi 31.05.2018
My sister was murdered 14years ago. They guy whom murdered her was a Pentecostal man,, he left church used lie cheated. Murdered and now he repented and possible he might see heaven? I am a Christian woman and I forgive and forget type of attitude but hey GOD is forgiving and what can I say. I miss her I love her but I am sure there is more to this God stuff for "sinners" myself included. Not trying to offend noone so don't chew my head off.
Kagalrajas 04.06.2018
Show me YOUR evidence that tells you there is no god? Your answer already falls under dahhhh.
Kiganris 05.06.2018
There's a difference between historical Jesus and biblical Christ.
Kilkree 13.06.2018
Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case. In Africa many tribes believe in ritual circumcision when a boy transitions to being a man. It is all done by non-medical people without anaesthetic and with crude instruments like razor blades. Boys can refuse but they are then ostracized by the tribe and looked down on by other men. Many die as a result and many are permanently injured.
Maulmaran 21.06.2018
Sure sounds like a conspiracy theory (and a far-outlying historian) to me!
JoJocage 25.06.2018
"It pretty much confirms that the ?Religion? channel is overwhelmingly infested with atheists."
Gozuru 05.07.2018
I'm atheist, thus no faith needed for gods and such. But by observation I've that most so-called believers talk the talk, but rarely walk the walk. Walking the walk is a noticeable sign to me.
Voodookasa 06.07.2018
Bernard-agreed! It doesn't mean anything to me
Faukora 10.07.2018
It only seems that way.
JoJoktilar 10.07.2018
China was surrounded to the west and north by the steppe societies that scared the ones that eventually invaded rome. and the argument about a religious rome vs. a pagan rome would be a cultural argument as well.
Tygolkis 21.07.2018
Anybody else need a Smirnoff soaked tampon shoved up their @ss to get through this Monday?
Arashigore 25.07.2018
All the answers I have been given don't lead to a God ever being. Many atheists can make that same claim as we were once believers.
Mezimuro 29.07.2018
Time didn't begin until the expansion began.


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