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LOL! Sounds fun :)

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Bragul 15.08.2018
Is a church that encourages people to turn their backs on their family and friends an organization that she really thinks is good for her? When would they turn on her about her own family? Cult? Mmm....it might be heading down that road. At the very least, it's isolationist.
Malashura 19.08.2018
The President keeps talking, and all I keep hearing is "blah, blah, blah..."
Nazuru 28.08.2018
I've been saying to my wife for ages that he looks like El Duche when he sticks out his chin., Love that.
Mira 30.08.2018
A Christian is free - that is his condition, whatever outward constraints he might be under. Slavery cannot touch that, just as death cannot touch that. As
Mogis 06.09.2018
That's exactly why I decided to stop following "Religion" as a discussion group.
Tojagul 07.09.2018
I've never been comfortable with the Christian notion of ETERNAL hell. It really should be more like a prison sentence which will eventually end and the spirit soul can return to a more hospitable living arrangement. One that is more conducive to pious contemplation of the Holy Trinity for instance. Yes, it does seem unfair that Herr Hitler should be able to dodge accountability for his poor life choices by simply calling upon the name of Our Very Own Lord Jesus. The rest of us have struggled with the terrifying boredom of weekly church sermons while berating ourselves mercilessly (so as to impress God) over our sins only to have miscreants like Hitler sidestep the whole affair and lay EQUAL claim to the highest real estate in creation! We really shouldn't let such an unfair policy go on without boldly yet respectfully, submitting a formal objection. So please, I encourage you, I IMPLORE you to take a stand today!
Goltigor 17.09.2018
Except to a vegetarian.
Mazutilar 20.09.2018
In my albeit limited experience, the photographer is way more in the wrong. I've hired two separate photographers in the past, one had me pay a small fee (like one hundred I think? Not three!) For the time, and prints priced individually. I loved them so much I would spend over $150 for the ones I picked, in different sizes. The other charged me a flat fee for the time and digital copies of everything, and I know that was way less than $1,000. So, between inflating the price to an absurd degree, and not being clear on the price she'd have to pay to actually possess the damn photos, yeah. Yelp should be the least of her worries.


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