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Which disease can a gay person contract that a straight person can't contract?

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Vizahn 01.06.2018
We don't talk about that one!
Tujin 02.06.2018
Maybe I should move to Iran. Would you like to start a go fund account for me
Doukora 06.06.2018
And it was also Jews and atheists who did the same.
Mik 12.06.2018
Move along Heartof the sun. Worry about your own behavior.
Fekazahn 22.06.2018
I do hate little bitches on the court, yes.
Yojinn 30.06.2018
Whose creator? Yours? The Lakota? Scientologists? The Cherokee? The Hindu? There are more creation stories than you have fingers and toes.
Mezile 03.07.2018
She specifically called for harassment.
Arashizshura 05.07.2018
It's my half day, bishes! WOOOOO!!!
Douzahn 08.07.2018
I would troll you, but I?m not a sadist. You?re too easy of a target.
Grorisar 19.07.2018
I agree with you that slight-of-hand trickery has nothing to do with demons or spirits.
Kazrashicage 20.07.2018
It is a presumption. That is what it says in the gospel.
Gohn 21.07.2018
I understand. It's just something I wonder about, as I notice nature's cycles of perpetuation.
Kazrakree 26.07.2018
That's too bad. Once you remove the bible as a book about happenings, one can begin to see the meanings behind the teachings. Surely, they may be misinterpreted but just knowing they are stories eliminates me from saying "what a douche"! After all stories are meant to be 'wild' to try and hammer the point home
Akinobei 31.07.2018
MLK lived and taught that which was the religion of Jesus. Love your neighbor.
Arashisho 06.08.2018
I'm not a Wizard. I don't know their rules.
Netilar 15.08.2018
More like 15 years ago. no child left behind pretty much took a blow torch to VoTech, art, gym, music, etc.
Tolkree 23.08.2018
I carry a spare tire because the manufacturers of the car anticipated I might need it. They made the car, who am I to question when they give me...a spare, just in case.
Shakanos 02.09.2018
Yes they do.
Arazragore 08.09.2018
you ARE a deplorable, aren't you.
Nakus 13.09.2018
So in this thread it is about.
Shakasar 18.09.2018
You have something to say ? Trolling won?t get you anywhere.
Vuran 28.09.2018
Ich bin kein Frau. Wo sind die frauen?


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