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It?s an entitlement when its not earned. Jeez

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Dilabar 31.07.2018
Been there, done that
Shat 08.08.2018
LOL oh hell no. I never do that. Anyone who wants to help keep this damn house clean, please, HELP ME.
Takazahn 16.08.2018
He is a very good speaker, but like with every politician, no matter how good it sounds, you're ignorant if you believe it.
Vudomuro 24.08.2018
So, no free will?
Gardakree 01.09.2018
No - it says that history, by its nature, cannot be concerned with the supernatural. In the case of history, we must assume a natural cause for everything - otherwise it is useless. Would you accept any history which contained non-Christian (or Jewish) miracles? Do you think that the parts of the Iliad where the gods directly intervene are historical?
Moogujind 02.09.2018
In others words, nothing other than what you believe.
Mezikasa 10.09.2018
But the difference is they assimilated and weren't trying to take over the country. Muslims want to change all the Western countries into other Muslim countries being controlled by Sharia laws. They are succeeding in Germany, England, France and Sweden. I for one am going to do all I can to stop it and hopefully Trump will succed in his immigration policies
Dukazahn 20.09.2018
Surprisingly you were authorized to enter.
Kigakus 24.09.2018
I read it. I just informed you bar coding is already a confirmed way. There aren't many assumptions to deal with beyond the genetics. Things like..dates and what happened up to this bottleneck is definitely up for discussion. But the facts are there. It has to be a catastrophe of some type, as they say.
Nejinn 26.09.2018
Well the ancients based a lot of their beliefs on the cereal and grain cycles which is where this particular theme of death and resurrection originally came from. Plus the ancients saw their dead friends and relatives in dreams, didn't know what dreams were and so they imagined these people existed in some kind of netherworld. So this is precisely what evolved into the Christian theology that makes modern day people like you believe the ridiculous. Believe whatever you want. The cause of death for every human is lack of oxygen to the brain. And this seems like this is happening to you. And once it is complete you're dead, gone forever, what ever were your hopes, memories, dreams, superstitions will vanish into thin air. In the twinkling of an eye, Magic Man. POOF, you're gone. The party will go on without you.
Fenrizuru 27.09.2018
Churches are businesses. They take in money, sometimes quite a bit. They sell bullshit, but people buy it.
Mazukora 02.10.2018
I don't think anyone deletes duplicates, but may close if the same OP author tried to post something twice. That would not be allowed.
Mezir 08.10.2018
lmao, because YOU say so?
Garn 10.10.2018
You have lost every argument due to your lack of knowledge. Do you know how to run a business? The person at the cash register is your most important worker. The cash register is the point of purchase. Its where the business makes a profit or loses money. And you are so dumb as to think they are worth less? You are dumber than a bag of hammers.
JoJoshakar 15.10.2018
I could too, at my previous job.
Kazirisar 16.10.2018
Sat next to my crush at the work social last night.


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