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The A$$ociation

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The A$$ociation

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I did answer your question. I see that you are deflecting. If you have evidence present it if you don't just say you don't.

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Free gay male sex photo
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Gagis 20.07.2018
Thanks for pointing this out. I did the same before getting down the page to your comment.
Misida 29.07.2018
No sir, youre not going to dodge this one...
Shaktira 29.07.2018
Only because it's the truth.
Kitaur 02.08.2018
Pot is closer to being legal.
Tojabei 11.08.2018
Then why do Christians do things that are wrong?
Vocage 20.08.2018
what's really sad is that you WANT that to happen. Your god must be so proud!!!
Akinokasa 23.08.2018
Maybe that is why I don't feel the need for a god. My heart is already full.
Tausho 28.08.2018
The facts are right in that CBC interview.
Kiktilar 05.09.2018
Con men certainly are behind Christianity.
Grozuru 08.09.2018
" The trouble with your post is that it is all based upon your fallible, human reasoning,......"
Zugis 17.09.2018
So if a cop comes to your house without a warrent and orders you to let him in you will?
Mushura 23.09.2018
She was 25 years ago, anyway.
Zululmaran 28.09.2018
You keep going back to "that single link" as if it was actually significant. Really! Get a fvcking life!
Meztisho 03.10.2018
That would not bother me as he did not perform any miracles at that time (if we follow what is written in NT).
Shakashicage 12.10.2018
Be careful on the internet.
Bracage 15.10.2018
Not rhetoric. Truth. The economy was shrinking rapidly and the debt-to-gdp ratio was growing due to this.
Kajizragore 18.10.2018
It may be 77 degrees but that "feels like" is brutal.
JoJoramar 26.10.2018
So you find prisoner conditions funny then? Way to pretend to give a fvck.
Tojazahn 02.11.2018
Trump not knowing he is Pres of US Virgin Islands is probably more ignorant
Faedal 06.11.2018
Unfortunately, this is a serious issue: to make a joke about "dismembered baby legs" and "the general price of dismembered baby parts" is, shall we say, distasteful at best. BTW, the courts are taking this very serious. It's big business.
Arashigul 15.11.2018
no aye yam more coherent when having a couple guys like you hanging around to hear everything I have say .. I am speaking God's words into you.. and you are becoming my servants.. :) LOL!!!
Moogujind 22.11.2018
Yikes!! I'm so sorry!! I've never had to deal with anything like this but I wanted to send my sympathies to you...hopefully everything will be better than new and back to normal quickly!
Tebei 28.11.2018
Ah, that's the word I was looking for thanks Yvonne. Yes, I know there were people smashing his cds outside of his trial years ago. I want to know what holding him accountable looks like, I guess. I still like his music - I don't like him. The same way as I like some Woody Allen films -- but I don't like him. Also, R. Kelly has produced music for other artists I like. So that's the conundrum here.


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