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"Yes, I understand that Dirac is saying, incorrectly, that highly improbable might as well be impossible."

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Female doctor video nude
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Dour 10.07.2018
You mean lord of the underworld, yes? : )
Voshicage 16.07.2018
ok, but the numbers speak louder than you, for instance NFP was 223k for this May, exactly where the index was in Sept of 2016
Tojarg 26.07.2018
He was more drawn to the Nordic gods than the Greek.
Nenris 03.08.2018
I am off to bed. It was nice talking to you.
Tazil 12.08.2018
Except that in every religious tradition, there are esoteric aspects. Literal interpretation is basically limited to the fundamentalist sects of various religions (albeit they have become very dominant, post-Enlightenment, as what we mean by "real" has become increasingly literal (i.e. physical)).
Maular 17.08.2018
I think you are confused... most first trimester abortions involve a two-part pill. First pill taken at clinic, second pill indices labor, the mothers typically labor alone her bathroom, and the dead baby is born via birth canal.... it comes out the vagina just like a live a baby.
Zurg 27.08.2018
I think that you have that backwards. again
Zulule 31.08.2018
They should be required to resolve their petty dispute by wrestling in jello like grown ass women.
Shaktikazahn 06.09.2018
The wages of sin is death. Are you saying that God killed Jesus so that he wouldn't have to change that law? That law is the worst law ever made. Why would God want that to be so? Is God not powerful enough to change the law?
Vudozuru 08.09.2018
What type of law do you teach?
Vokree 16.09.2018
Si' That which God has himself directly revealed to me!! :)
Shamuro 26.09.2018
Just like this.
Kazradal 02.10.2018
Betsy is clearly not ready for MENSA or kindergarten.
Gagar 09.10.2018
I am very appreciative of the cat herding you and the mods do.
Miktilar 17.10.2018
So how many of these bullshit things do you chant to yourself every day in order to keep the fires of hate burning in your belly so that you don't accidentally look at all he's done objectively and find out that you're fucking wrong?
Jular 26.10.2018
Well. you tell me. How many recorded gods are there currently and how many in prior mythologies? Are all of them the same? Wasn't it men who wrote or made up all the stories? I don't see any one of them that says, "written by god". If there is only one god, why wouldn't the inspiration to write the stories be exactly the same all the time across all the religions? The real truth is, you can't prove god any more than I can disprove god. The thing is, my concept does not tie me down to a deity that has done many despicable thing and require fealty. Mine doesn't take people's rights away or make certain groups as second class.
Dikree 02.11.2018
As a non believer I have no need to discuss religion until someone brings it up. Or on here. But because people brainwash kids and use it to hurt others it does give one reason to comment and protest.
Dukasa 11.11.2018
A friend of mine put a for sale sign in the yard and got three offers that day and ended up selling it for more than asking and a long closing so he could find it's replacement.
Nikosida 17.11.2018
All to me are false gods. All gods, whether they are Muslim, Christian, Hebrew, etc are all creations of the minds of humans. You may not like me saying this, but Allah is just one variation of the Abrahamic gods. Christians have their variation same as Jews. But you all get your basic theology from the same place. You just have different ideas about that same god and you all have a different name for them.
Brabei 24.11.2018
Your answer to every thing. Promise spending to get votes, bitch about the debt, bill the tax payer.
Arashishakar 30.11.2018
Over the centuries the Catholic Church has had many doctrinal problems and idolatry is just one of them. The degree of sovereignty granted the Pontiff and the mandate for the vow of celibacy for priest also seem antithetical to Christian doctrine. .
JoJozilkree 08.12.2018
Without the 'Old,' there can be no 'New.' Without Winter, there can be no Spring. Everything connects.
Dugami 13.12.2018
YOU cannot separate the fact, that it takes a man to help make a woman pregnant now can you?
Yoktilar 23.12.2018
I agree with this full heartedly lmao.
Kagam 30.12.2018
Roe v Wade overthrew the laws of 50 states.


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