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Shrew Ann is a saint? OMFG! Good one! ??

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Gardall 02.08.2018
End the policy of hiding child rapists from local authorities.
Vujas 06.08.2018
The sling shot
Shakaran 12.08.2018
Limo company I believe
Akinokasa 18.08.2018
I just can?t believe a census of that day mentioned names & any personal
Nam 21.08.2018
So blessings are only spiritual in nature?
Tukus 29.08.2018
@Mary, @Gralgrathor: get your definition of equivalence in line.
Yogar 01.09.2018
Attention: "Will the Flying Monkeys proceed to Stand By".
Kazuru 11.09.2018
Tuesday, March 16th, 1965. Her name was Rebecca Valentine. . . .I knew I liked girls and that there was a possibility they do NOT, in fact, have cooties. I need to search her on Facebook.
Yolmaran 19.09.2018
I just want to point out that this kid was most likely guilty of what they think he did -- lots of circumstantial evidence related the eye witness account, the fact there were two guns in the car and the clip... that aside, my point is that the officer that shot Rose didn't know all of this, and even if he did, the victim wasn't armed, had no deadly weapons, and even the clip in his pocket was not visible... so he had no justification for shooting him in the back.
Milkis 20.09.2018
Some people live in this small glass box mentally. They never learn that to hear the word no does not hurt. In that, I mean when they hear that word, the glass breaks and the ugly world of reality falls around them, They react as if being cut by those shards of broken glass. "You hurt me so I will hurt back"...Sometimes fatally.
Mozahn 23.09.2018
Jesus and Abraham ARE historical figures...So your point is moot.
Fem 24.09.2018
Tax returns......The Achilles Heel.
Malasar 30.09.2018
Let's be serious. Christians will not accepted the decision should it go against them. To the same token, people who believe in equality over selective use of dogma will not accept the decision either.
Yozshuzragore 04.10.2018
Sheep is a metaphor for unquestioning and willing followers. A metaphor for surrendering reason and logic for credulity and superstition. A metaphor for brainlessly following the words of men from two thousand years ago. A sheep is meant to be led.
Metilar 04.10.2018
Good morning my friend
Gobar 12.10.2018
Be studly while you can.
Akigis 19.10.2018
The first time, I was at a new school and my new friend invited me to come over to her house after school and see her band practice. I got to see them crucify Barracuda. My friend sucked as a singer, but the guitar player was really good.
Gardagal 26.10.2018
That's a lot !!! Why even bother logging on !!! LOOOLLLL !!!
Mazujind 05.11.2018
Moses failed to strike a deal with Pharaoh to release the Israelites. The deal goes down so Yahweh sent the angel of death to kill the firstborn of Egypt (remember there were firstborn Jewish kids, so blood was put on the door so the angel would "Passover" the door and find a door not covered in blood.
Zuluk 14.11.2018
Christ is central to Gods reconciliation of us to Him. The trinity is a topic that causes many to not see things the way we do. I have encountered many people who are very much attached to this interpretation. I try really hard to not argue over it. John 20: 17.
Grokora 23.11.2018
Just rub your lamp in private please. ;-)
Taulrajas 03.12.2018
I'm going to invoke the Wizard's Third Rule and excuse myself from this debate, primarily because people seem to be missing my point entirely.
Mulmaran 12.12.2018
Oooh good one.
Vugor 22.12.2018
No - is it good?
Mek 29.12.2018
All. Of. This.
Brami 03.01.2019
Brian Windhorst is reporting Lebron hurt his hand punching a blackboard after the game 1 loss. He says Lebron has been in a soft cast in between games. The Cavs didn't report it cuz they didn't want the Warriors to have an advantage
Tojak 06.01.2019
"No, God communicated Himself using words that exist and have explicit meaning only in Him, through Him, and relative to Him."
Vojar 13.01.2019
No one ever really knows what is going on in the head of another. Sometimes tragic things happen in life and people never truly recover from those tragedies. Some choose to die slowly on the inside. Others choose to end their pain quickly. I can't say that I agree with either path, but I do understand the reasoning behind each choice.


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