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Contra el abuso sexual infantil

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I picked the two largest nations in the world for OBVIOUS reasons, since you or someone here claimed that being against this ideology is because of Christianity.

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Contra el abuso sexual infantil
Contra el abuso sexual infantil
Contra el abuso sexual infantil
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Dar 09.05.2018
Why are you so easily baited to respond to Hasbara? All these people do is use people as platforms to spread thier lies. Dont help them, just let them spew, and leave them alone.
Tolkis 13.05.2018
When you have god concepts who's existence are mutually exclusive, then by the laws of logic, they can't both exist.
Zulkijinn 19.05.2018
I am shocked!!
Dailkis 25.05.2018
It's not an STD if you can pick off the scab.
Faejar 26.05.2018
"We've been able to test early human DNA up to 400 thousand years ago"
Tarisar 27.05.2018
LGBT are only saying that we expect *equal* civil rights, CC.
Akiktilar 27.05.2018
Nice way to stereotype to suit your beliefs.
Vok 04.06.2018
That's awesome! I love mornings like that.
Tygotaur 10.06.2018
One quick question: If your "deeply held religious beliefs" mean it is scary for you to interact with people who aren't like you, why would you open up a business open to the PUBLIC?
Grosar 17.06.2018
I think that what makes them lighter is exposure to sunlight. In Jesus' day they mostly all worked outdoors from sunrise to sunset. Today half or more of the workplace is indoors and those who work outdoors have sunscreen.
Digul 24.06.2018
And if he told you not to cheat on your wife?
Mazubar 27.06.2018
Yes ?????? he?ll come a little bit this summer but that girlfriend of his... he won?t stay long! She stole my baby! Lolol
Zulugis 06.07.2018
But you don't know if he's sleeping through class everyday now do you?
Kazik 13.07.2018
Lol ask away, girl
Zologor 17.07.2018
Does it also allow students to go to a local mosque for 2 hours a month to study the Quran and learn about Allah?
Mikara 25.07.2018
i wonder if when he walks around the pool, do epileptics have seizures?
Mezilabar 04.08.2018
Maybe the just love you.
Brakazahn 13.08.2018
In general, I'm fairly surprised at how well the topic is going, given having the topic is like filling your home full of highly sensitive explosives and cages of feral cats and dogs --and opening all of the cages at once.
Dimi 22.08.2018
This is roughly what I thought the results would be. I think there is a vocal minority of religious posters on this channel, they are tenacious crusaders. However, this disqus group is clearly and strongly an atheistic/agnostic culture. There is nothing wrong with that
Kigat 24.08.2018
>But we are created to ingest water. We are talking about abiogenesis. The idea of life spontaneously beginning in a solvent is absurd<
Zolozilkree 02.09.2018
Philosophically speaking, I believe your argument is wrong.
Samuhn 07.09.2018
Here is what the guy says in the text you referred to:
Micage 16.09.2018
The Amendment says "shall not be infringed." An infringement is a limitation. All laws regarding weapons are infringements. Even shall issue laws: you don't need permission from the government to exercise your rights - that's what a right is.
Daik 27.09.2018
Agreed, and I would add Seven Wonders. They don't play that one enough. It's all Don't Stop, Don't Stop, and DON'T STOP!!! AAAAAHHH!!!
Dijora 02.10.2018
Dontcha mean Fiddlers Green?


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