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You wrote ?American left is not very far left at all to most of the other democratic countries?

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Coin in fish mouth
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Yozuru 10.08.2018
I have nothing to prove. All talk of gods is speculative in my view.
Balkis 18.08.2018
So does video games, and friends.
Keshicage 19.08.2018
Exactly don?t sell them short
Faur 21.08.2018
You are subscribing to supernatural notions, self creating stuff. That is the exact same argument as the religious folks make except they interpose a self creating god doing that. Nothing self creates in nature.
Kagale 26.08.2018
Nah, it's just that your metaphor is hackneyed and inept.
JoJolrajas 01.09.2018
Never heard a single person complain that the president is white.
Megor 07.09.2018
Well, why didn?t you say so?!
Dukree 07.09.2018
Sun, you and I agree! Pop the champagne!
Fenrigrel 10.09.2018
First, it is only your arrogance that presumes to know what's in my mind.
Toktilar 15.09.2018
Because they claim to be and say the usual silly things.


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