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It does. Our brains have evolved and we see some of the results in behaviors. We are social creatures, for example: One has to struggle against human nature and one's own nature, for example, to isolate himself socially, and it is almost impossible to do so. (EXAMPLE FOR PURPOSES OF ILLUSTRATION!! A CONCEPT!!)

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Dogor 31.05.2018
God in the book of Judah was Oberron from the tv series Gargoyles (which was riffing a midsummer night?s dream when they used him) apparently.
Gardagore 10.06.2018
No, they are not. What they are saying is scientists and the relevent work in those feilds agree. Only y ou are trying to make it into something else
Banos 19.06.2018
I?ve seen those vids ??????
Yozshuzil 28.06.2018
Nonbelievers don't claim to be experts on the existence of god, their only task is to test the veracity of religious argument.
Akigami 02.07.2018
Geh...you can't blame Christianity though. That's the point you miss. Islam really calls for modern day violence. The crusades can't be found in the bible or anything close. Besides...there's no comparison. Crusades were almost all defensive.
Fenrigar 11.07.2018
Have there been any shootings in Toronto lately that Blacks aren't inviolved?
Shaktizshura 13.07.2018
They look like they could be sisters! Same color dress!
Faezuru 21.07.2018
So imagine my expression when I hear/ Anime labeled as ?for kids?... I can?t even think of even one title that?s ?for kids? right now ROFL
Zololmaran 29.07.2018
1) No it does not. The entire puff-piece by the FFRF in Forbes does not substantiate their supposition that the Establishment Clause is contravened at all. They use loaded language about how the law is "intended" to benefit "ministers of the gospel", but carry no more substance or proof than any other long-winded anti-theist opinionated rant posted by an anti-theist on Disqus. Then they jump to a conclusion that the law fails the test, and they bloody well haven't proven any such thing!!! Utter nonsense. Neither is their BS supposition that tax exemption is "endorsement".
Nikazahn 04.08.2018
Do you believe in the resurrection?
Fenris 10.08.2018
Or maybe he was just feeling protective of her and wanted to help her because he loves her.
Shashicage 17.08.2018
even if we believe god's commands are objectively moral, how come we don't follow all 613 commandments anymore?
Vut 21.08.2018
I know the logic that you want Green and Iggy to be the open jump shooters, but DAMN. These are NBA players and the absolutely wide open corner 3 is really not the shot you want your opponent taking.
Togor 25.08.2018
It is a very profitable illness for the left to abuse and manipulate.
Gashicage 26.08.2018
there is cap & trade, and Ford says he will remove it
Nekree 28.08.2018
Canada DID burn down the Whitehouse in the war of 1812.
Arakasa 31.08.2018
The passage says "7 Then the Lord God formed a man[c] from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being."
Shalrajas 05.09.2018
And as evidence of that, I offer the fact that overwhelmingly out of the billion or so Muslims, that is what they believe and how they act.
Kazijinn 10.09.2018
I suppose I do think that but that God didn't really punish wrongs in the way that normal ethical people would consider wrongs. God is arbitrary and unnecessarily violent towards people who simply displeased Him. If God punished actual wrong doing, that would be better. But He doesn't and never has so that is a bad example. Old testament God punishes those who break His arbitrary laws and New testament God punishes those who don't believe in His preposterous plan. A toss up as to which is worse.
Yozshugar 19.09.2018
What do you think the articles say? They both shoot down gradualism and support PE. The new synthesis articles do too, implied. But you guys treat grad as a religion. You won't seriously even consider..to your own detriment
Akilabar 22.09.2018
Empathy is part of the human condition. It is a real physical part of how our brains are wired. I behave kindly because it feels good to behave kindly and it feels badly to behave unkindly. For a long time people believed that thunder and lightning had something to do with God. Now it is generally accepted that they are natural phenomenon. I am confident that someday it will be generally accepted to that human morality is also a natural phenomenon.


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