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please jizz on my skirt

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Let's be honest.

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Tajin 09.05.2018
No, but I do notice how trolls who have nothing to contribute to the topic ask nonsensical and stupid questions.
Dujar 16.05.2018
We can't have that. Seize the syrup!!!
Yozshujinn 27.05.2018
Nail 1,000,001 that evolution is true. The coffin is starting to look like the throne in the Game of Thrones.
Gardall 27.05.2018
The apartheid defenders are the online terrorists of this generation
Dairn 03.06.2018
What do you call your private bits?
Sasho 10.06.2018
Pretty much... however if your rights are actually violated, one understands they can always go get a lawyer and handle it as a civil matter.
Gardasar 16.06.2018
1. I believe that God is real, but is not a creator/intervener, so for me no planet or creature has been intelligently designed.
Akijinn 16.06.2018
This is great:
Tujas 26.06.2018
So who's being discriminated against in this allegedly silly hypothetical?
Yojind 07.07.2018
ok bro, knock their teeth out. lol
Gurg 16.07.2018
"should lead you to cheating on your wife when the opportunity arises" - claiming this again and again isn't going to make it true.
Melkree 23.07.2018
Laws against public nudity do not dictate the type of clothing to be worn.
Goltilmaran 01.08.2018
Of course it did, but that was like 200 years before the 1st crusade. And it was not burning out "infidels". That came with the crusades and the Chrsitans. But until the 1st crusade inner faith issues where pretty tolerant. The Caliphate expanded until about 760 or so, but staid where it was after that. But Rome was falling apart and had already broken in two. And as empires of the dy did, they went after some nice choice territories to expand.
Mirr 10.08.2018
Here is the entire passage in Annals XV.44
Kagagami 17.08.2018
The one thing you are forgetting is that it's actually the Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy. Every nuclear reactor or atomic/nuclear bomb (they're different, you know. . .) literally converts matter into energy. Nagasaki, for instance, was the conversion of about a gram of mass into energy. Mostly, it was heat but it was also kinetic energy, gamma and x-rays (both are photons. . .massless) and even the energy of the sound waves.
Voodookasa 25.08.2018
Classic Trump. Pissing in our allies' faces and snuggling up to our enemies. It will be interesting and hilarious when we eventually find out what blackmail crap Putin has on Trump.
Fenriramar 27.08.2018
Not sure what that meant.
Talabar 01.09.2018
Maybe he is chipped and they will get him home soon?!?! You may be a hero...
Shakinos 09.09.2018
Yes. He also wouldn?t let someone do this to his daughters
Kigasar 17.09.2018
Are you implying that by having a rule of law, democracy, and good work ethics, coupled with a compassion and tolerance for others, it raises you as a country out of the barbaric middle ages and brings you "the money and the power"?
Tygozilkree 26.09.2018
Yep, your a sheep...
Grojora 04.10.2018
SB. To your last paragraph, I think that human reason and human imagination are not actually separated from each other but very different in the application and effectiveness. I offer that most folks can as they mature control their imaginations and feelings enough to ?prioritize? for the intellectual reasoning more and wishful believing less.
Gogar 14.10.2018
Trump has always had to pay for his ladies.
Darn 19.10.2018
And does bipolar disorder not constitute a "circumstance?" Do you think your grandmother could have reasoned or emoted her way out of being bipolar? Would an optimistic attitude adjustment have cured her?
Moogugal 29.10.2018
"There is specific atheist data from the Bureua of Prisoners. It?s less than 1 in 1000 prisoners who specifically identify as atheist. "
Groshicage 31.10.2018
So a 1-possession game in almost the entire 4th Q of game three was boring to you?
Kajilrajas 08.11.2018
All democrats should be jailed and charged with treason for sedition against America and it?s government.
Gardakora 17.11.2018
It was one item of the many. The many. The many, many.
Tojall 25.11.2018
That's the point, I DID look it iup and there isn't a story, just vague allegations and hard spin from propaganda rags like Brietbart.
Nikolabar 30.11.2018
Folks, no one can spend as hard and as fast as Doug Ford. If you want a big debt to give your kids in five years time, then, folks, you gotta support the Doug Ford team.
Arajin 10.12.2018
So you actually believe she isn't lying? that is cute
Arashihn 13.12.2018
Tell your boyf you wore a burka the whole time - but go naked anyway.


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