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?...undermining this order....? is all our current President does.

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Dijin 29.06.2018
I was thinking the same thing. I'm bored!
Nik 07.07.2018
Except that with me, youre not. I was not addressing Public accomodation laws. THat is not what the main argument of this case is about. Why you keep bringing it up when its irrelevant to what is being argued is beyond me.
Akinozilkree 16.07.2018
Do you really, sweetiepie?
Kajigul 23.07.2018
Also on a lightly related note (military treatment of men vs women) I read Code Girls by Liza Mundy a couple of weeks ago and highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in WWII history, cryptography or issues of feminism in the military and workplace.
Akigami 24.07.2018
A POTUS threatening a private business doing the right thing for shareholders. Hugo Chavez would be proud.
Akirisar 28.07.2018
39 but i still act like a teenager
Mushura 29.07.2018
The problem is people like you keep excusing anything pointed out as "tiny crap". Your bias is noted. If there was a correction, then there was a mistake or a lie.
Zut 02.08.2018
Not sure you could prove this Biblically, but sounds more inclusive than some of the posts here. Its like having a black Santa for black kids...
Ketaxe 12.08.2018
So a business owner doesn't have a right to protest?
Zuluzil 18.08.2018
Slowly...so you can understand...those are not chopped up parts of children. Fetal tissue is not children. Reading is a skill you should master.
Zulkigal 26.08.2018
Ya how's that working out for ya fuckface
Akinorisar 06.09.2018
while historical events is not something you can cherry pick to fit a narrow minded narrative
Nalkree 09.09.2018
"Rape pregnancy is rare"
Kajimi 15.09.2018
I guess the left has decided they will never win. This is not helping them. I am an ex dem. and every day i feel i made the right choice to become an independent...


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