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Video clip of black women
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Kazik 14.07.2018
You don't think Trump is a racist? Serious question: why?
Molabar 25.07.2018
-Disbelief in a creator deity is not based on a feeling. That's what belief is based on/ It's based on a lack of evidence. As with Ghosts, unicorns and gods I disbelieve all of them until presented with evidence. Once presented with evidence I will revisit my position.
Shaktiran 29.07.2018
The name of this post makes me think the size of the rock on the ring was insufficient.
Mikalkree 30.07.2018
He was not executed. He was a sacrifice for my sins.
Yoshura 05.08.2018
I think the difference between Kelly and an artist like James Brown who was accused of violence against women in the past is that Kelly is here and actively hurting women as we speak. He is emboldened by the music industry's continued support and complacency.
Kazim 14.08.2018
Having a weeee bit of trouble finding that answer.
Vudot 21.08.2018
Yup you are by trying to distract people from his comments and trying to bring up an irrelevant straw man argument. And it's repulsive that you are.
Vunos 31.08.2018
I want to give you my attention, so will you be around still this evening? I'm leaving in a just a few minutes, but can go into detail when I get back. Promise. :-)
Samusar 07.09.2018
When that happens it should be declared a day of national celebration....
Tek 09.09.2018
I have known plenty of violent Christians. I have known plenty of openly racist, sexist and homophobic Christians. Hundreds of Christian bishops and thousands of Christian priests sexually abused God knows how many children or protected the abusers. Christians practically committed genocide with Native Americans, kidnapping their children and destroying their culture. The Holocaust was essentially the full flowering of Christian anti-Semitism, which was ever-present among Christians for 2,000 years. You're just not willing to be honest.
Doshicage 19.09.2018
I don't believe the Christian creation story of humans, but if it were real would that test have been fair? Adam knew only the garden and nothing else. He had never been harmed and had no fear. He was like a child. Would it truly be honest of a god to then test his child and banish them when they failed? Not a very good parent, this Christian god.
Maurn 21.09.2018
You seem to enjoy proving my point about it being easier to label people than to stop and think about where they are coming from...
Shaktijar 01.10.2018
How hard is it to understand that I'm discussing this from a Christian faith point of view, as I've mentioned now a few tines. Haven't you still got a grip on it ?
Sajar 02.10.2018
Is this just inside your head, or can you back it up?
Meztishura 05.10.2018
Swing blade is here!
Kilkree 06.10.2018
"under" "stand" in English does not mean what it literally should.
Voodoolmaran 17.10.2018
How? Care to share?
Mule 21.10.2018
Clearly you'll make any assumption necessary in order to justify any use of force by police against a person of color
Mazut 29.10.2018
Hood rat, pavement ape, ferals, jigaboo.
Zugis 05.11.2018
You are restricted. Why you believe that is irrelevant.


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