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Quite to the contrary, I love all of Gods creation and hope each and everyone will accept Gods gift of salvation. Sadly, I know many, most, wont.

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Vokora 17.03.2018
I repeat: My conversation is intended for able thinkers. Slum elsewhere.
Fenos 24.03.2018
Only during lunch.
Gardarg 27.03.2018
Trump's enemies are the democracies and his friends are the dictatorships.
Maugrel 28.03.2018
GOP left the free market behind decades ago.
Vizilkree 01.04.2018
Another thing that really gets under my skin. Just because someone is old it doesn't mean they have no quality of life. There are people who think that once you get to a certain age your life isn't worth anything anymore and should just die.
Dairg 08.04.2018
The real ones don't. Even Rand Paul tends to get rigid around this stuff. He filibustered funding the FISA surveillance program before it was cool to do that.
Vijind 15.04.2018
It's handy if you believe in ghosts. I guess Voodoo still has it, don't know about Christian denominations. With so many people believing in ghosts, I suspect some may be sympathetic to the concept.
Vilkree 21.04.2018
Your claim is a positive claim you didn't provide sufficient falsifiability to. Nothing on earth demonstrates you true. Provide ONE piece of evidence that isn't better explained naturally. GO ahead. Because if you needed to look up "counter claims" then you may be over your head here.
Malalkree 26.04.2018
I dont care what the fall out was about to be honest. I wouldn't just nonchalantly shrug off a movement (not just one person, a large portion of people) that presumes to think they can threaten, silence, hurt, denigrate and punish you only because you make the mistake of thinking for yourself.
Shaktihn 29.04.2018
My point is that these men are complaining about the small "oppression" they face while ignoring the many more serious issues women in the military face.
Zulkisida 01.05.2018
Perhaps the label ?apologist? gets slapped when the behaviour is
Tojagul 07.05.2018
Historical narratives in antiquity never contain dialog, people all speaking to each other and boogymen in complete sentences. Only fictive narratives contain dialog such as we find in the texts we are talking about. Omniscient authors are also fiction writers. If you don't know what they are then you have never taken a class in Literature. I have and so when we hold the religious texts up to just standard literary criticism they fail all the tests for historicity and pass all the tests for fiction with flying colors. Plus anyone who thinks there is no reason to question claims made in religious texts is about as delusional as a person could ever be and ripe for the picking for some evangelist or other BS artist. We should not question tales of the supernatural? I bet you question scientific findings all the time but never your baseless religious superstitions
Dazuru 12.05.2018
And Jesus taught that people need to engage in spiritual growth training to experience better the meaning of "what has to exist." Freud, who softened up on his anti-theism, led a legacy that confirmed the significance of and advanced the understanding of Jesus? emphasis on "Seeking the Kingdom of God first / Taking the plank out of your own eye.... / become like a child..." Jung, Adler, and Assagioli were three in the next generation who had distinctly positive approaches to spirituality in Therapeutic Psychology, foreshadowing the founding of the Transpersonal subdiscipline.
Taushicage 20.05.2018
Same as here.
Maugis 25.05.2018
In this case, the baker was well known for his religious views. He would not make custom cakes for Halloween or for celebrating a divorce. He offered the couple any of the premade cakes, and offered to give them icing and applicators for free. He objected to customizing a cake that celebrated an event he was religiously opposed to. The couple had been customers for some time of his, having ordered a birthday cake at least once, and purchasing other items. This wedding cake was the only thing he had refused to do for them.
Zulkibei 01.06.2018
We're not a threat to anyone and some of us are even (*gasp!*) Christians ourselves. These loud-mouth, politicized Fundies are sadly not representative of all Christians but they do make the most noise -- and they sicken me.
Brazahn 08.06.2018
So the 3% atheists in Germany is responsible for the holocaust. How dense are you? The wast majority of people in Germany at the time where Christian and they are the ones who operated the gas chambers.
Gazil 15.06.2018
Jesus the radical rabbi? Probably existed. Magic Jesus? No evidence whatsoever.
Zulkitaxe 20.06.2018
Haters gonna hate
Zuluzragore 28.06.2018
Ewwww...yeah you are right I would not.
Voodoolabar 04.07.2018
If he offers a service for sale to the public, by law he must provide it equally to every member of the public.
Meztigami 14.07.2018
Hey not so fast, there.
Akinorisar 20.07.2018
It wasn't anywhere near as broad as "Israel" where use of Roman coin was a problem. It was one specific building and one specific activity.
Tygoshakar 26.07.2018
And still... you've got nothing to contribute?
Molabar 03.08.2018
You can't prove your "truth" is the correct one.
Gardakinos 10.08.2018
The topics are about religion. There's no obligation to being a member of any particular religion to comment on a topic concerning religion.
Kagagrel 11.08.2018
That sounds only mildly less hygienic that the Egyptian belief the sky god masturbated everything into being.
Gugal 20.08.2018
No dopehead. Trumpers are the fascist group. Liberals are socialist don't you know the difference???? Idiot!
Dugrel 24.08.2018
It?s either make legal offers to the public, respecting their civil right to not share the beliefs of the business owner, or don?t make the offer to the public at all.
Goltill 27.08.2018
You should talk about marital aids. That will either end the consult rather quickly, or make the conversation far more interesting.
Fell 29.08.2018
Lincoln is leaving "The Walking Dead" after season 9. I left at the end of season 7. It all balances out!
Faegal 02.09.2018
I love cycling do you only do outdoors or spin
Vudolkree 11.09.2018
Thanks for the dry heave.
Yozshuzshura 12.09.2018
Lololol right maybe I should lock my doors
Faurn 20.09.2018
Hey Howard. Long story short, what we see today is temporary. God has promised to correct matters and He will at His time. The sooner the better I say.


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