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Spring break with mom

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Why did they make such errors when it was written then?

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Spring break with mom
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Juran 06.06.2018
Well, thanks for your graciousness! Now I feel a little bad for being a bit hostile.
Torg 07.06.2018
We don?t need a crutch. You must admit, we who are strong believers
Brak 15.06.2018
If they took the glamour out of the story and made it look like a proper tragedy people would think differently. Love is NOT all roses and chocolates. It is always painful at some point.
Majin 16.06.2018
But one part of the equation. But an important part none the less.
Zunos 20.06.2018
You aren't God.
JoJozilkree 21.06.2018
I've listened to dozens of atheist explain their worldview. Chemicals in motion or bags of chemicals are not my concepts they are from atheist teachers that have YouTube videos. Maybe you don't believe what other atheists believe and that's possible but would you eliminate that man is made in the image of God than what are you left with? In a Christian's perspective man is created in the image of God but without God you're left with man is just a bag of chemicals. Now it's possible some atheist elevate man and give man some importance but that is just an arbitrary decision which is not based on any fundamental truth. And in the atheistic concept there really is no truth there is no good or evil it's all arbitrary. Again you might not hold to that but that's what your atheistic brothers are teaching.
Faugor 29.06.2018
You're awfully brainwashed if that's what you believe.
Shagrel 01.07.2018
He is outside common sense.
Mugar 04.07.2018
Meek and humble? Balls out!
Dilmaran 11.07.2018
"I wonder if you realize how well your OP would work as written by a Muslim; they share all the same values you list, are deeply concerned about the increasing influence of white Christians in Muslim lands. The list of attacks by outsiders would be far, far larger of course, and those Muslims killed as a consequence of their interference would be more than an order of magnitude higher than your list of Christians killed."
Zuluzuru 11.07.2018
Their argument is ironic, isn't it?
Doshakar 16.07.2018
If you stopped talking after the first four words you would be correct and look like less of a tard....of course ya could have stopped after 8 and been even more accurate but just as big a douchbag....by the time ya got done yer jus a weak ass tard like ya always been....meh....I did invite the bitchers too....??
Mikahn 23.07.2018
Chino isnt biased enough and you are too kind! No way!
Gazshura 24.07.2018
yeah still not worried in the least.


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