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She and her staff worked day and night to care for all the dragons in their care, from hatchlings to elders none were turned away.

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If people ACTUALLY lived that way, yes it may be a better world, but there are plenty of other value systems I think would create a much netter world than Christianity. One thing for certain, being a Christian is no guarantee that those values are lived.

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Garan 15.04.2018
She didn't "trap" anyone, he is responsible for his own actions. 14 years doesn't seem like enough time for what he did.
Shagal 18.04.2018
Damn poachers and coyotes! Build a wall!
Tojacage 20.04.2018
Capt. Donald J. BabbleDump reporting for doodie!
Akinokus 25.04.2018
But in Reno the reception can have a serious buffet.
Disho 03.05.2018
Your average dancing monkey.
Vishakar 06.05.2018
If you desire to persist in your unbelief, why do you post here in a discussion of a valid topic? You are entitled to believe what you will
Vorg 08.05.2018
I don't either, but it's not strong enough for you to be able to say Trump's clean. We all know he's a dirty dog, mixed up with mobs, and playing with funny money.
Mauzil 16.05.2018
P52 is dated to the first half of the second century. I'm sure you know that our manuscript tradition for the Gospels is better than any other writing from antiquity, right? It's better to have thousands of manuscripts, some being fairly early, than, like in the case of Tacitus' writing, having only two or three medieval manuscripts to work off of.
Mazusida 25.05.2018
call it whatever you want
Kazibar 26.05.2018
Well, I would certainly fight them.
Fern 27.05.2018
I think you misunderstand this figure of speech. It's meaning is similar to "one bad apple spoils the barrel."
Goltishakar 03.06.2018
Commendable. Well done.
Nibar 08.06.2018
Do they? Do they really? Does the LGBT lobby actually "preach" this? Can you cite that anywhere?
Yozshushakar 10.06.2018
Nope. God of any variety has not spoken to me yet. But I am not going to waste time sitting around waiting.
Mokora 20.06.2018
It isn't all the same. A sign of a sick mind and the minds who find any of it humorous.
Melkis 29.06.2018
My point is there can be pain in question, if there is free will, since free will allows pain from knowing your friends or family are in hell.
Mulabar 09.07.2018
Please check the definitions of religion, science, and fact.


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