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PAPY VOYEUR VOL 20 - Scene 4

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PAPY VOYEUR VOL 20 - Scene 4

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Colton began to wonder how long until dusk Onlind.

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I agree. If we value truth we should compromise on none of the evidence the Creator gives us. If we're honest we cannot ignore the text and neither can we ignore the evidence that He gave us within Creation itself.

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Maulkree 08.05.2018
I bought Tuna of the Coop, it wasn't good.
Malarr 17.05.2018
How many little boys did you molest? Don't count your own kids, just strangers.
Mirg 21.05.2018
If Iran is unhappy, you made the right choice.
Tygolkis 23.05.2018
You wouldn't be complaining so much if that money were coming to you. Solar panels are the technology of the future. Progress doesn't consider the human inconvenience factor.
Shamuro 01.06.2018
Damn, I thought you were going to say something about "animal killers who wear the carcasses on their heads".
Vocage 05.06.2018
You are angry with YHVH, not me!
Kigalkis 10.06.2018
I hope one of those Liberal seats isn't Wynne's
Zulkibei 12.06.2018
Not according to any of the experts. Cranksville you are in there dude.
Jushura 22.06.2018
1) You are here to learn to kill shit, not save kittens.
Gazshura 25.06.2018
Lol did you bring "flats" for comfort and then you realized your flats aren't so comfortable?
Tygojin 05.07.2018
Yes, there is STILL a lot of creation and invention going on every single day. No doubt about it. There is also a lot of INNOVATION happening with things already created/invented.
Kejas 13.07.2018
you point #2 is false. there is always an edge to the scientific understanding, and currently, we cannot guess at what came before the big bang. but that does not mean there was nothing before that, or that scientists claim there was nothing
Julabar 23.07.2018
I love that song. But I do always harken back to the original.
Jurisar 30.07.2018
I don't understand that part of it either honestly
Magami 05.08.2018
False, of course. Boy, you will never learn anything in life if you close yourself off from the truth.
Tejora 13.08.2018
Your ignorance warrants a flippant reply.
Voodoocage 17.08.2018
The post said that science has shown that God's can't exist. But you seem to believe it does. Show me where science has shown that a Leprechaun doesn't exist. I bet that scientist was laughed right out of the building.
Zolojind 26.08.2018
Lol! I have a similar story. I just needed a guy that made me feel safe enough to show that side.
Fenritilar 29.08.2018
Okay, so, we are both unapologetic assholes.
Faemuro 06.09.2018
take you to a private hunting reserve populated only by the people who drive slowly in front of you in the morning, and give you an ironclad alibi, and the hunting weapon of your choice.
Goltikinos 11.09.2018
"This stays at an 11! Beat it, Spiderman!"
Yozshugami 21.09.2018
Meh. The conservatives are idiots and should go back to West Virginia.
Zuramar 22.09.2018
Or from anyone's standpoint that thinks critically.
Yozshukazahn 27.09.2018
this woman in particular with her cultural and personal history ,may have well been subjected to harrassment to a degree that has made her quick to jump on subtle insult. if this woman is gay, she could well be hearing lots of subtle comments aimed at her. then its a question of whether or not this offender is someone who has done or said things in the past. as an individual, its one thing. as a proffessor, its another.


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