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Her father had made his fortune in construction.

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Of course not! :)
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What Muslim ban?
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Well there are things that a woman can say to a guy but if a guy said same thing to a woman it would be world war 3 lol
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Disquis has been a mess lately
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They know what they said, they just need to lie
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Are Americans who major in gender studies planning to work in developing countries? Seems you have an issue about the types of education people acquire.
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Rather cloudy to day Bam-- but dont get your neck in that vice instant death ....
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I hate non squirters...
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I can't remember where I read it, but I think it was an IDF commander who revealed they were working off of profiles they'd generated of Palestinian agitators and targeting based on that info. I get the sense that is the methodology the IDF was using in Gaza and it seems this report would confirm that strategy.
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Nah, if you love Jesus and accept Him as your lord and savior you won?t be kept out of heaven. Your sins and heretical ways might earn you some time in Purgaoty though. Best to cleanse the sin in this life to get to heaven sooner. You can always convert and follow Him through His Bride and sanctify yourself to Sainthood to get there sooner... just sayin?
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Sigh. Why do you guys do this to yourselves? Hypothesis is often extrapolation, but when you apply the scientific method, it's no longer just extrapolation. You've tested it then.


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