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If there is nothing to argue, and they are secure in their beliefs, why the need to tell others their beliefs are wrong and they are going to some bad place because of it?

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Dad python babysitter where to buy cam
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Doukus 23.03.2018
You're right that the laws of nature had to be suspended here, and it works because the God who made those laws of nature has dominion over them and could step in to do as He pleased in this scenario. I don't think it would make sense if God would not have complete control over something He created.
Zulugal 31.03.2018
Dumpster fire lol
Tataur 09.04.2018
Yes I watch Fox and when I want to laugh I turn to CNN or MSNBC. On Fox I get the news on the BOOMING economy, on CNN and MSNBC I get stuff on Russian and the porn star!
Kishura 10.04.2018
LOL. Whatever man. You like Zeppelin...I'll give you a pass on the stupid.
Samukasa 11.04.2018
Thank you ST. Yes, I am beyond livid about this separation of (practically) babies from mama or papa. But TFCC just sees me as a godless heathen atheist. So what do I know? [sarc]
Mazugor 20.04.2018
I'm not really familiar with some of the points you are making here. Are you a member of any particular denomination? Just trying to follow where you're coming from.
Dashicage 30.04.2018
He insists his religion and god are fact.
Sajin 10.05.2018
The math is very easy, but the assumption is the foundation for the estimate.
Totilar 15.05.2018
The issue at hand is illegals committing felonies and you defending the crime because of your political beliefs
Gardagul 16.05.2018
LoL. Yeah, they aren't always in character in Civ, are they? xD
JoJolrajas 24.05.2018
The bible isn't clear about it.
Fenrik 30.05.2018
Not sure. Probably living off of royalties
Gardagor 07.06.2018
I could use a 3-day timeout. My filing has been backing up for more than two years.
Zolotilar 16.06.2018
LOL..Thank you. I needed that. I am a little worked up about this subject.
Dur 18.06.2018
A printing error equals voter suppression, according to what logic now?
Nelkree 25.06.2018
Then why don't they remove that line from the Bible
Vudotaur 30.06.2018
It's not at all a scapegoat, it is how people get paid and build wealth.
Gukinos 07.07.2018
All the HOT girls are conservative!
Vonos 14.07.2018
I had to wait months for my hysterectomy. And yes, I do believe that men are taken more seriously than women when it comes to pain. I'm sorry this is happening to you. I still have both ovaries, and one of them gets cysts. The doctor was supposed to remove it, but he didn't because there were no cysts at the time. I wish he had. I still have issues with it.
Akigar 16.07.2018
IMVHO being LGBTQ is fine if it makes you gay {lighthearted and carefree.cheerful ? cheery ? merry ? jolly ? ? mirthful ? jovial ? glad} It's being Theist that causes problems.
Kenris 19.07.2018
My fault then.
Niran 24.07.2018
because she was down with it-perfect hookup-two willing participants minus the gun
Fenrirg 30.07.2018
Now we are talking !
Zurr 08.08.2018
It doesn't welcome people at all? Wow, my surly disposition has been rubbing off.
Mihn 18.08.2018
And even if they are, if they understand what they did was wrong they can still be charged. Many mentally ill people don't commit violent crime.
Mikagis 22.08.2018
Mods decided all can remain.
Fenrijora 26.08.2018
No Joshua, you need to stop projecting and stop your bull.
Faet 27.08.2018
it is done,, believe me.
Shaktilar 01.09.2018
Very good follow-up questions. They introduce the value of liberty into the equation and in the second example the question of free will. I'm not prepared to go into that rabbit hole at the time.
Bramuro 10.09.2018
Could you define what you mean by "inspired" but not "infallible?"
Grozuru 13.09.2018
As an atheist, yes I follow reasonable evidence. If the experts say they found verifiable evidence of an original Nazareth, then I can except that. It is actually no big deal and only proves that the original city existed. That in no way validates the issues (non-verifiable miracles, stories based in magic, ambiguities, contradictions) of the Bible.


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