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Braces only on bottom teeth

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Is all that, not true? You must be under drugs, thinking it is not.

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Braces only on bottom teeth
Braces only on bottom teeth
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Yes, that is my take too.
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Umm sorry, can?t agree . Formless and void mean has no form and is completely empty.
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To be equally blunt, the God my wife believes in--passionately, not luke warmly--is not the same God you believe in. It is a much more gracious God than the one you believe in. You might think she's not a real Christian. You would be wrong about that.
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I do not know why my mind shot to this when I read what you posted but here goes....
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As long as I keep it to myself & don't voice my opinion to anyone else.
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Welcome back :)
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A totally different word.


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