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You are a lot like Trump, failing to understand the word globalization ! as for screwing that will happen, when the other member countries began a campaign of NOT buying our exports, a real problem is that many of those exports are high end products, that pay good wages. Yes Trump is about to screw the American worker.

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Bikini girls tied up
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We would enact legislation to protect the life- it wouldn?t have any regards to a soul.
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And it has a nice fenced yard for the doggies!
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The fucking weasels will fall back in line. Or go to hell.
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Please, sit down before you hurt yourself.
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This is why we have certain things like trial by jury, The ability to confront your accuser in court, Discovery process, chain of evidence, and so on. It's also why we have the legal presumption of innocence.
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Many Christians don't understand it is not arbitrary. That is my point.
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Eight years of learning from your kind, 2008-2016.


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