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Piss loving lesbians having fun on pool table

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Crow. Cunning and loyal with a touch of never forgets the ones that wronged me.

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Akijora 29.06.2018
" Just look at the dehumanizing language you aways use against people who were often all victims themselves" Wtf are you talking? When did I use "dehumanizing language" against people that were victims themselves?
Dujinn 05.07.2018
Facts are important to me, yes they are.
Tashakar 06.07.2018
How do you know anybody? What would be the difference if you met someone in a bar or at the gym and then hung out with them? Los of people seem to think that people you meet online must be some sort of weirdo or something but that's not really the case. I've met up with lots of people that I first knew online (one of them was my husband). They were all fine.
Daik 09.07.2018
Don't worry Alan - my formal complaint about that event is processing right now.
Zumi 17.07.2018
"Is there anyone living in an established democracy that's actually for that?"
Gromi 20.07.2018
I really do believe that world change must begin on an individual level. I am not familiar with Buddhist teachings, but I have been of the opinion that their teachings are not pushed like christian teaching. It appears to me that only someone seeking out their ideas, will find out more about Buddhism. Am I correct in this?
Kazikora 22.07.2018
You don't understand what you are writing about. Take a textbook and try to learn thermodynamics instead of writing funny rubbish.
Doulrajas 26.07.2018
No not really.
Shakashicage 01.08.2018
It's the difference between natural disasters and man-made disasters. A living land-owner is making a choice to be "unfair", so they are accountable for that choice, whereas the world we live in makes no choice about who dies and who does not. We just do. That's reality we would just have to live with, or rather not live with...
Tolabar 07.08.2018
I am afraid you failed to understand that the basic principle of any legal system is universality of application. Your suggestion that the law is not applicable to me (or to anyone) is ridiculous. Educate yourself in law.
Mooguhn 10.08.2018
The Censorious "Libertarian" is upset, and wants to shut down dissenting views.
Kazrakora 13.08.2018
beat ya to it!
Mooguramar 15.08.2018
I was an Earth Science major.
Tojajin 22.08.2018
I treat all superstition equally. So are you proud to have an equal ignorant belief system as those others? Christianity is the same as Scientology or a belief in witchcraft. Insert any religion instead of Christianity if it makes you feel better. All are childish superstition.
Doukree 31.08.2018
Lol! No sympathy from me either. I think this law protects pregnant women who are murdered at shockingly high rates. Now men will think twice.
Arazahn 06.09.2018
Is that laundry? xD
Mazujas 13.09.2018
There is a question of semantics here, because the answer depends what exactly is meant by "write." The consensus of Muslim historians is that Muhammad dictated the Quran and his followers wrote down what he dictated. This would not be "writing" in the narrowest sense of the word, but it would make Muhammad the author. In the absence of a plausible competing theory of authorship, there's no reason to reject this claim.
Faukazahn 21.09.2018
Show your work... Oh right, you can't.
Tamuro 25.09.2018
Still a misdemeanor....like Jaywalking.


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