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Gagged Bitch

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He agreed to stay sober and help as long as they did everything that he said. She then looked up at me and smiled and said softly, "Let's go back to the room and make love, Gramps, okay?" I didn't say a word but headed back towards the motel.

I said I thought you told me you weren't going to tell, he said he didn't have to, the guards knew when they put you in with me what was going to happen.

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Taken together with definition 2.

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Women vs men sex
Women vs men sex
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fyi... im very concerned the cost of my coca cola will increase 1 penny... OH MY GOD !!!
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No they haven't. There were many prophecies that had to be fulfilled one is Israel becoming a nation again. Jesus can come any time now.
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Religion is opinion.
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Given that the "rape and pillage" style of warfare was prevailing for about 99% of human history, I am fairly confident in stating that our conscience allowed us to do it with no reservations.
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'Fine tuned' implies a tuner.
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That's right. All assholes in here need to ride the NYC subways with pigs eating. Sickening


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