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I FREELY admit to not only BIAS but BIGOTRY against all of the Main Slime Media.

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Mauzragore 28.07.2018
You should emigrate. Canada is great.
Mikalrajas 04.08.2018
As I've told my friend who is very Anti Abortion that I'm thankful that we live in a time where an abortion can be done in a safe manner. I've seen children in foster care, both private and state facilities and I think having an unwanted and unloved child is an act of cruelty.
Faelmaran 13.08.2018
I plan on some of my ashes being used for one of those, I wanted to do a cherry blossom but the potassium in the ash would make it more acidic and I don't think they grow well like that.
Akinokinos 16.08.2018
NYT isn?t credible, as they have made many claims that they later redacted. Try agains.
Dakazahn 25.08.2018
You are citing the official website of the most dishonest regime in American history and wikipedia???
Bazshura 28.08.2018
You wouldnt be the first person hes fooled.
Voodoogar 02.09.2018
Nominal to some. It speaks to the nature of the actual friendship.
Tauzuru 04.09.2018
At some point, we would have to give up meat, if the planet did not allow us to farm. I hope that you are not advocating that when all 'grandma' die, that we raise people to only procreate and be good to eat when they die.
Sarisar 12.09.2018
All Menendez has to do is ask his Doctor friend who wined and dined Robert on his planes and Dominican republic destinations.
Dami 21.09.2018
"You have to define morality first."
Zulkicage 24.09.2018
Schools & hospitals world wide have been established by the
Gakus 01.10.2018
take 3 days off, you were warned
Tucage 10.10.2018
No, you added a word that was not there.
Ararn 16.10.2018
And your god is evil. He murders children in the Bible. Is child murder evil? Or is it okay when he does it?
Yozshugar 23.10.2018
Sorry Jesus is not an American his kingdom is not of this world.
Tajas 29.10.2018
He's the "tolerant" and "loving" kind...the opposite of us "bigots".


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