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High school and they are waiting at the bus stop!

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Voyeurhit lust for women
Voyeurhit lust for women
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Kazrale 19.08.2018
Yeah, and your case does not make sense. It does not explain your statement of the democrats fucking up a whole generation in Illinois. Accept it. Make a better case.
Shagrel 23.08.2018
Reality = Con Kryptonite.
Shakazahn 01.09.2018
I think calling you out on your logical fallacy is a sign of intelligence.
Tesar 08.09.2018
Regardless of how you want to define ?god?, the fact remains that the overwhelming majority of the population purports to believe in a deity. If anyone has numbers that show that people identified as atheists have a higher body count then the other 80 or 90% of the world?s population I?d like to see them.
Kazikree 12.09.2018
If ya wanna go there, then I think gay surgeons should be able to refuse to save bigoted cake decorators.
Gokus 15.09.2018
But it's not "every man for himself." This is the Marxist idea of capitalism. Capitalism is about satisfying the customer and the employee. If you don't like a job you can negotiate for changes and/or a raise if you have a valuable skill to negotiate with. If customers don't like the product or service, you go somewhere else and that company goes out of business or does without your revenues. For capitalism to succeed, you need to play the game. When socialism starts to sneak into the gears, then you get situations where this is overridden by government decree as we have seen so many times. Is capitalism perfect all the time? No. But it beats the socialist versions hands down. However, capitalism will normalize itself over time, government does not. It tends to continue asserting authority over the people and business, dictating markets, wages, and engaging in punitive regulations.
Kagaramar 26.09.2018
Be a friend, make blowing a trend
Mikalrajas 28.09.2018
Agreed. Though I do still need peanut butter for my granny smith apples because of its sodium content.
Moogugal 01.10.2018
No, the Leftist professors write "Hate-America" histories. Look at one of the most widely used books by Howard Zinn, a hater of our nation.
Zurisar 10.10.2018
There it is. The famous bigotry of Pan Genek.
Kajishicage 12.10.2018
How when the Bible is not specific timewise? If you are going by someone's interpretation of the time period based on the Bible, I am afraid you have a much larger problem than 20 years. Much larger.
Akinoramar 13.10.2018
It's easy to convince a half-wit.
Babei 17.10.2018
We aren't touching the foundations or the roof, we aren't building from ground and it's not an isolated house it's like the lower left side of a house split in 4 - dunno how you call that in english, it's a house but not an isolated one, it's not a flat, sorta like a very small building?
JoJosho 27.10.2018
What was to be expected.


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