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Vintage leather cutting tools

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Nice try. We can see your blatant attempts to recycle memes the right was using when we were mocking him for saying "George Bush hates black people" and you guys were praising him. Now you're trying to use the same memes because he isn't on your plantation anymore. It's hilarious!

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Vintage leather cutting tools
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Gardanos 27.06.2018
The new world was a matter of taking land, not religion.
Akigami 04.07.2018
Sounds like an extremely unrighteous standard of judgement you are using there. More like a mid evil prosecutor. You just present a string of accusations without mentioning anything redeeming at all? Of course through history since like everybody was religious, going back at least 60K years or so, including your own ancestors, your logic condemns like all the people of history as despicable, including your own ancestors. Its people that do nasty stuff, immature people, not man made tools like religion or science. We do not blame science as a whole because it has been used to make insidious weapons of mass destruction, including biological weapons and the like, we do not blame science for causing the body count in our wars to escalate to insane proportions or any number of other examples where science was used to kill. But by your reasoning we should.
Gardajind 05.07.2018
I'll take that over crazy Maxine any day...and your "billionaire" snipe is insane. Is he ridiculously rich? Has he been listed as a billionaire? The End.
Nelkis 09.07.2018
I want your day.
Dogor 16.07.2018
Sincerely. I just wonder, though, if there is too much baggage to overcome.
Faem 26.07.2018
Abraham wasn't real. Nor was Moses and yet we have Judaism and their off shoots.
Kagale 02.08.2018
How do you reckon? Trump obviously either did NOT absorb what his derpy aide told him--or his derpy aide is trying to make him ridiculous.
Tonos 10.08.2018
The classic shotgun blast approach, make so many claims in the OP that it is impossible to have a focused discussion
Nigal 18.08.2018
sad to hear that Ray, but perhaps your lifestyle, education and accomplishments will take the edge from your insecurity and fear. It is all inconsequential after all.
Tygolkis 23.08.2018
It's only a miscarriage, not the trenches in WWI.
Miramar 25.08.2018
"Why would The Almighty allow persecution, suffering? "
JoJojind 31.08.2018
I was young, naive, single, a virgin and eager - I thought relations were no more than "I fancy you, you fancy me, we move in together and f_ck all the time!"
Shakalkis 08.09.2018
Ask your mom.
Goltill 13.09.2018
Islam doesn't. That's another Pan Genekism.
Gardall 14.09.2018
its a cruel attitude. but at least its more honest than the people who pretend that hes a moral pillar, as long as he cuts out birth control,and all abortion funding.
Arashitaur 20.09.2018
Also, does the author of the article, Marlowe Hood, understand something we don't after reading this.
Faunris 21.09.2018
It's a pretty accepted rule of thumb that the first year goes to the previous president until the new president passes his first budget.
Dairamar 26.09.2018
I think your average Christian would go buy a cake mix. It's really not that big a deal to bake a cake.
Kilkree 05.10.2018
Nah. I enjoy sex too much to be Christian.


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