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Vintage court reporter photos

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Just when I thought it couldn't get any more stupid .....

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Vintage court reporter photos
Vintage court reporter photos
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Mazugami 29.06.2018
I can't understand why so many men have problems with using condoms. Especially nowadays, where modern condoms offer a real good sensitivity very close to the natural experience.
Arataxe 03.07.2018
You might be interested in a book called "Making if the Fittest" by Sean B Carroll. It explains how DNA shows the history of our evolutionary past within it. (SPOILER: Forensic DNA backs up the fossil record).
Mezizragore 07.07.2018
That's not really my picture,just fyi.
Bratilar 14.07.2018
Again, your thinking is not coherent.
Faetaxe 24.07.2018
It still is.
Ducage 30.07.2018
Christians claim they are not religious so they have no business complaining about religious freedom. They are in a "relationship" with someone they are not allowed to ever question or doubt seriously and who will punish them with a fate much worse than death if they ever try to leave. This is of course a very abusive relationship and Christians should really seek some counseling or maybe go to shelter or get in a support group with other abused individuals. But they should not be worrying about losing religious freedom since they aren't religious and they obviously have much bigger problems and relationship issues.
Samunris 02.08.2018
I think he?s saying
Nikogar 03.08.2018
Data is a part of software. There are no "variables" in computers.
Magis 12.08.2018
Yeah... but that's not a sin. If it was the church would take meaningful steps to end the practice.
Kagarg 14.08.2018
The high percentage of gay serial killers...?
Kagacage 24.08.2018
my husband had that problem too bc he wasn't a drinker and wasn't particularly fond of being sober around people who weren't. He ended up playing a lot of golf and joining work out groups at the Y.
Daihn 27.08.2018
Wars are always justified as moral. Even when motivated by politics or greed.
Kazigul 04.09.2018
It absolutely does not require that.
Meztirn 06.09.2018
Do I know you?
Majind 15.09.2018
I think you'd have to prove such an assertion, and that no one can, honestly. You can't know the mind of every human being on the planet and insist that they ALL know that our Christian God is the only god... and then grow up worshiping other gods or none at all.
Tygojin 17.09.2018
cute an funny soon as I open the message I immediately smiled
Kigore 18.09.2018
I've been wanting to check that out. I love the instrumental versions of popular songs.
Mikajinn 27.09.2018
because conservatives need to win over the smallest most petty little thing
Daizahn 30.09.2018
Right, but, of course, that whole long spiel can applied by them against you. They don't see themselves as bringing forth evil fruit but that they themselves are doing the will of God and that YOU aren't if you oppose them. I'm quite positive that they could dig up chapter and verse to support their hatred and bad actions just as easily as you do to condemn them. They would claim that YOU are the con-man here and it is YOU who are choosing the label of Christian but who isn't really one.
Faezuru 08.10.2018
The more data pours in, the clearer we'll see.
Samura 15.10.2018
Well, when I did this it was to friends and such, not randos. We used to joke around like that and clown each other.
Kigami 22.10.2018
The one people absorb from church by hearing a whole punch of scattered paragraphs over the course of a few years and assuming it's all one solid story.


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