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Think about it.

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The naked bible blog
The naked bible blog
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Dill 28.06.2018
No. but those that make propaganda radio addresses for the NVA are not heroes...they are traitors...McCain's nickname "Songbird" was not for his singing voice.
Kejora 30.06.2018
"What did you think this was... The Cooking Channel?"
Faeramar 05.07.2018
WAY too high. Annie Leibovitz high.
Shacage 05.07.2018
You are an evidence denier
Taurr 13.07.2018
Not high priest.
Tygorn 20.07.2018
Sometimes I just can't tell if you are serious. Individual accountability to your own conscience? Resist the politically correct? This is too hilarious to process. Please go on.
Mezikus 28.07.2018
I didn't say you did, it wasn't a critique of your post.
Shakasar 28.07.2018
I wish I had more time to volunteer as that has been becoming a distant memory for me sadly.
Aragore 08.08.2018
Over the cause of 8 years , and many Photo op was taken with Obama.
Zulukus 14.08.2018
By "modern Biblical scholarship," you should be honest and call it "Modern left-wing Biblical scholarship that seeks to explicitly undermine the Bible."
Mushura 24.08.2018
Do you agree to disagree with friends, family or significant others?
Braktilar 03.09.2018
Lol, yeah I liked that part of Life of Brian too. Certainly both religions require their adherents to submit to the authority of their teachings.
Mezik 06.09.2018
She has long hair ;)
Kajizilkree 14.09.2018
He was wrong.
Kigor 21.09.2018
They're more likely to get that kind of treatment from their fellow soldiers.
Baktilar 23.09.2018
Can you live without a heart?
Gukus 29.09.2018
Military?? Thanx but never.. I'm from Chicago...and I'm black so I don't have to "compensate" for anything... I just have a different p.o.v on life....??So get out ur feelings for a bit "Single woman" ..Btw why r u speaking?
Zulkree 06.10.2018
No it is more fun to knock down strawmen that way they can always claim victory.
Doujind 15.10.2018
Mesopotamians were black haired and swarthy. In fact they called themselves the black haired people or the black people. which many black supremacists take to mean that they were negroid. Although I seriously doubt that. Ethnically they probably weren't much different than what we see today in the Middle east.
Branos 19.10.2018
No I didn't. I pointed out that she was obviously a lying little slutt that got away with getting knocked up by making up a story that stupid gullible people bought into.
Guzragore 23.10.2018
I think you're not paying attention:
Shasho 23.10.2018
Or make one of those posts that says: 'only kind hearted people will repost this' lest you be considered mean and cold.
JoJolkis 30.10.2018
Charlotte Keckler was a pseudonym used by a woman who traveled the country in the 60's, 70's and 80's claiming to have "escaped" from a Carmelite Convent. However, she never names this convent, just that it is "foreign". But in reading her story it is interesting to note that in this country everyone speaks English. England, possibly, but I was unable to locate any Carmelite convents in England. It could not be Canada because she states that part of her journey home was on a ship.
Maukinos 07.11.2018
Japan and Korea are saying the same thing to Trump these days.
Arashinris 10.11.2018
Really? A distinction without a difference?
Nitaur 13.11.2018
That didn't take long. The colors of a true Christian are exposed.
Mabei 15.11.2018
THAT is your opinion . Hahahahaha
Moll 24.11.2018
For a Dumbass, you are funny as hell!
Tojalabar 03.12.2018
bars or rubber on the wall?
JoJolar 10.12.2018
You're getting the hang of this. But now I'm done.
Shazragore 17.12.2018
Thank you, which brings me right back to my point about Adam being the Federal head of humanity, because he is the only one who received this breath of God textually, and that not until the second Creation story in Genesis 2. If someone isn't alive before they are born, then why do they grow, and move, and react, and consume food? That seems pretty odd for a non-living thing. It's not even doubtful they're human at that stage, either. But to answer your question, a woman could have multiple children at one time (Genesis 38:27, where a woman had two sons, and no one guessed that apparently until the time of birth), and also, actually being born is not as high a probability back then as it is today (under normal medical conditions, leaving deliberate abortions aside), so there is no point in counting what you cannot see and cannot guarantee. But there was probably more to that, as well. But I don't know exactly what you are talking about when you mention an abortifacient for a woman? Where is that?
Daikree 22.12.2018
False, of course. your made-up correlations do not prove anything. But have fun in your sandbox today little one! LOL!
Vudom 27.12.2018
If there is a being that predates creation, and he can enter in and out of creation, give his revelations to man: then he can supersede what we know as nature or natural events. That is supernatural. God created a world that operates on laws which he can modify at will. Picture a game, God created this world as a game, but he can go in and edit code to appear miraculous to us but to him, it is his nature.


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