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I can find no evidence whatsoever Himmler's uncle was a Jesuit or that the SS uniform was an imitation of the Jesuits.

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Shaktigore 15.04.2018
Really upset -- need place to vent. Saw doggie on the shoulder of the road I was driving on, a stray [or someone's dog], scavenging. I pulled over to make a U-turn and see if I could get him. Realized hey this isn't my home [don't close on house for another 2wks so I called mom to see if I could possibly bring him home.. and she's like no bc of my dog and hers, and saying you don't know anything about that dog..] Ugh, I would've just got him and took him to a shelter but I have this dumn client meeting in the next 10 mins I can't miss.. So all I could do was call SPCA to dispatch someone to get him.. Now I'm distraught and sniffling all over the place worried that he's going to get hit and I'm super frustrated. This day sucks.
Samuktilar 17.04.2018
Mezilmaran 24.04.2018
What an evil man Mueller is.
Gak 30.04.2018
If you didn't get the dental dam booty call reference you won't get pregnant.
Yozshukinos 01.05.2018
Are they in the sink, I might look for them!
Fecage 09.05.2018
Poor translation!I wanted to tell another!
Kajilmaran 16.05.2018
The people who wrote the gospels were anonymous, and do not claim to be historians.
Nimuro 19.05.2018
You're a sinner.
Tebar 24.05.2018
I was initially frightened by the possibility that I may be spewing positive reviews of things I have never heard of before without any recollection of having done so, and I called my doctor for advice. He said that I was probably just insane or something and started throwing these pills and straight jackets at me. After taking several bottles of pills, and donning jackets, I closely reviewed my posts, and I cannot find any evidence that I ever vouched for this pundit thing but I DID reaffirm that you provided no evidence. Also, I agree with you. Trump is a moron.
Faut 27.05.2018
I wish I had the mindset that all my choices are the 'best ones' lol instead I'm always like OMG I'm screwing him up and he's going to be a failure as an adult bc I didn't do things correctly!!! noooooooo!
Galkree 01.06.2018
Turkey is not a war zone, there is no immediate danger to flee from.
Faubei 05.06.2018
I wanna see it again.
Mokora 08.06.2018
Im in agreement
Dagami 15.06.2018
Lol same. It wouldn't bother me if they dumped all his music into the ocean, along with him wearing cement slippers.
Yogor 20.06.2018
The teachings of Christ (like Buddha), was largely focused on how people create their own hell, and how to be saved from that suffering and misery. He didn't intend to launch an organization ("Christianity") and I suspect he would be shocked, disappointed, and maybe even angry about many aspects of what is taught in his name.
Vudomi 24.06.2018
Ah, the last Friday of the year!!!
Gushura 24.06.2018
Like we lost in 2016? Methinks you are correct.
Vudoshakar 26.06.2018
And people actually believe that tariffs hurt domestic industry. The whole purpose of tariffs is to protect domestic industry.


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