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Stage three breast cancer survival rate

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I don't get why you take pride in being the foolish.

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Stage three breast cancer survival rate
Stage three breast cancer survival rate
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Don't know if that's worse than officials having to tell Floridians that they cannot shoot a hurricane away.
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You may want to pop by there. OFRU is back.
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You do understand that the Second Amendment doesn't have to be invoked, it is in practice everyday
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Are you really qualified to have an opinion on the activities of Jesus?
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Great, so it doesn't matter that Trump's tariffs would make it MORE expensive.
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Globalization isn't good for America now and it never was. Globalization is only good for 1% of Americans.
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Health insurance companies are the MOST regulated businesses in the country, and their profits are some of the lowest. Get giverment out of healthcare completely!
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You mean like Science as Religion? You like Science, and yet it doesn?t substitute Religion for at least 97% of Americans.
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Oops. Should have read it properly.
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I'll take uh damn two by four to your damn ass...
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But not as described in the bible. Simply that its entirely likely that Jesus was based on one or many people of the time- just that the records about what ACTUALLY happened are suspect at best.
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So what do you suggest? Allow everyone guns and see a total bloodbath?
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I guess Looney Nancy doesn't believe in equal, full rights for Christians.
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You don't think charity should be tax deductible? Or is it only church charity? You really want charity to virtually vanish forever?


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