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The two were nicely tied, Jacko panting a little and shifting his feet, Apricot, head down and still. The most feared prison for what we were called (youthful offenders) was Sumter Correctional Institution.

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MTM. I agree with your perspective and even more.

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Kekasa 28.08.2018
Instant OP: "Is Christianity worse than Marmite?"
Nile 03.09.2018
I'd rather be called gullible than an unbeliever. Praise God Jesus Christ Saved me from my sins!
Voodoojas 12.09.2018
Human existence is only evidence of humans, not gods.
Kejora 19.09.2018
FWIW, in my mid 20's I was resigned to the "fact" that I'd never get SS. Thirty years on I'm looking forward to the check (as a supplement, not a retirement plan) in a few years. It's the third rail. By your time however it will actually be out of money as opposed to just knowing that it's going to be out of money.
Voodoonris 26.09.2018
come on,, just check it out,, its shocking,, i assure you..
JoJolrajas 29.09.2018
Thought it wasn't PC anymore to assume gender until age of consent?
Shami 06.10.2018
It's an apology and not half hearted. That would make apologies invalid if it was genuine and you do not respect it?
Fezahn 11.10.2018
Incorrect. You have no natural right to property. If someone bigger than you can take it then it is theirs. If a law is written to declare otherwise it can similarly be written to confiscate any and all wealth as it sees fit and redistribute it within the system. This is not theft as the very laws that define theft also define property.
Kabei 11.10.2018
But you don't worry about Islamic superiority thinking by so many of their religious leaders? You're more worried about a commentator on disquss?
Tonris 13.10.2018
I mean I feel like with that one the SO will let it slide considering I'm defying gravity and whatnot.
Nikonris 15.10.2018
Trump made it mandatory that the executive branch of government follow the law that the legislative branch has made. It is not a new law, or a new policy. It is not a misdemeanor charge, it is a felony charge. You are insulting the American public. I really hope you are an American citizen because if you aren't: You will be caught and deported or fined. I suggest you leave while you aren't caught and enter legally. You are self responsible for your actions. Follow the law like everyone else.
Zulkijin 22.10.2018
Interesting, you ask me a snarky question and I give you an honest answer and now I am the one who needs to "lighten up".
Yonos 31.10.2018
Speaking for meself...government has no business meddling with what commodities we purchase. I can argue in favor of Social Security benefits, Medicare and Medicaid for people who are ill, children and the elderly.
Zulkishura 03.11.2018
Amen to that .
Murisar 11.11.2018
Mr and Mrs Bestfriend's kids were out doing kid activities with friends Saturday and it was rainy so it was easy to talk them into an afternoon drive down to Port St Lucie for late lunch, beer and dinner....
Vozuru 20.11.2018
Your generalizing, It's like asking,why aren't all Asians good at math?
Malakinos 25.11.2018
Vishnus is the boss in the sense that there is nothing but Vishnu. Everything comes out of Vishnu's body.
Akisar 28.11.2018
I don't see why the PC mobs come out here blaming religious people for it,
Daikora 06.12.2018
I miss the days of B&E for used condoms personally....
Fekree 07.12.2018
If it was clear it would not be up to interpretation. That must mean common descent is a prophecy that can be verified by going back in time. Not only does the majority of the world population not agree with your understanding not even the majority of Christians. You should look up the word demonstrable it may help.
Galrajas 14.12.2018
Care to explain how you know what would NOT have been considered "part of nature" at one time, that is after you explain how a cat can be dead and alive at the same time, Mr. Self-Declared Winner?
Meztisar 17.12.2018
I'm sure all of the above played some sort of role in driving down troll attacks here on The Atlantic Discussions. But the overall thrust of responsible communities fending off attacks by expending their energies against those waves of trolls is that one's energy is thus diverted from writing and publishing material that is far more politically effective. That's also one of the major aims of troll factories and individual trolls devoted to specific causes and candidates.
Danos 26.12.2018
My conscience is clear. Start an OP if you want a larger share of my time.
Mozragore 28.12.2018
And do you choose to believe those magical claims, without any evidence that they happened? I suppose you do if you believe the bible. I can't.
Shakatilar 05.01.2019
Is this a commission only thing or a public service item that is offered to the public?
Yozshujind 09.01.2019
Hundreds of reporters will generate errors.
Mezitilar 09.01.2019
If i can not remember one then i obviously can not provide an example......right?
Babei 17.01.2019
Never heard of it. When is it so I can ignore it too?
Kagakree 23.01.2019
Ok so you don?t know how but for me to say it was supernatural is incorrect?
Faenos 31.01.2019
So you believe the universe was spontaneously created?
Zum 01.02.2019
Maybe they need to be muzzled and eliminated.


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