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Punched up naked news

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Punched up naked news
Punched up naked news
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Sarisar 23.08.2018
He is too stupid to think about it.
Akinosida 28.08.2018
The PhDs I know have a far deeper range of thought, too.
Vudoll 31.08.2018
Sure, my first hand account of how journalism works is that you need credible sources, and usually at least two of them, before you claim that something told by the dad of a serial liar is truth.
Mazujar 09.09.2018
Trump can take off, eh?
Bataxe 19.09.2018
Well, thanks for at least admitting you have zero proof. Good talk...
Mulkree 29.09.2018
Which unconstitutional bills, snowflake?
Faubei 05.10.2018
As I said, the Jews use the Bible for their calendar. Just like every other society now. Or do you write the date as 05/13/13,000,000,000.
Sazshura 06.10.2018
The husband of another Clinton rape victim mysteriously died the day after she came forward.
Diktilar 07.10.2018
"At World's End" - 3rd installment of a make-up wearing pirate movie.
Akim 11.10.2018
"Imagine a used car dealership selling a non-existent car. They'd be up for fraud."
Duran 21.10.2018
You know it's bad when Mugabe is mocking you. hahaha
Kejar 21.10.2018
Really, you know for a fact that I didn't spend 10 years going to church and Bible studies, you know for a fact that I haven't attended church since I stopped believing!
Gubar 24.10.2018
Congratulations on your latest addition to the family. Now don't forget to go out and buy a laser pointer.
Nir 25.10.2018
You are repeating yourself, Islam IS Totalitarianism.
Zolozshura 27.10.2018
I bet you love this topic...don't you, pedophile cum gurgler!
Kelkis 31.10.2018
I find that Philip DeFranco went over it best. It isn't really what OP and most people are reading into it.
Donos 10.11.2018
Not at all, they were two gods, then over time the worship of them got mashed togather. Mostly so YHWH could take EL's place as the head of the Pantheon.
Vugrel 13.11.2018
That is a rumor. The wall was a toll booth to collect taxes between provinces and population control in or out.
Kazrazil 21.11.2018
Replace god with ?the universe? in that statement and I just skipped a step.
Faelabar 27.11.2018
Self-knowledge doesn't need evidence. It is revealed just as the flower is revealed by looking at.


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