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Sadly I think many women have it worse than most men - in that they are stuck physically, emotionally and financially caring for a child (or children) when the father is AWOL.

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Tobei 11.06.2018
Atheism did not produce Stalin and Hitler. In fact, one could make the case that Christianity had much more to do with what they were since both were raised Christian.
Morisar 15.06.2018
I didn't realize it was ever my goal to do so. I have only been interested in pointing out that you haven't demonstrated that morality isn't objective.
Zulukazahn 18.06.2018
Not once we get our matching feline onesieeeeeeeees ??!
Kazshura 24.06.2018
You are pathetic.
Mazubei 30.06.2018
Shop owners do not get to dictate what one customer may purchase over another. They wanted a wedding cake and were refused because they were gay.
Taurn 06.07.2018
MOST men I know have stated flat out that they will
Malar 07.07.2018
He's saying that the baker wouldn't sell a gay wedding cake to a heterosexual couple, either.
Bagrel 08.07.2018
You didn't specify that your rule applied only to specific groups of people.
Vushakar 14.07.2018
Neither are religions Dave.
Nazil 24.07.2018
You live in one of the greatest countries in history, live better than most people on the planet, never gone to war or had siblings who died from fever or rickets.
Mezibar 31.07.2018
The cake has no sexual orientation. The real question is, "what kind of wedding will this cake be used to celebrate?"
Zurisar 05.08.2018
I know right - who are you going to believe? It's a constant struggle.
Kezshura 11.08.2018
well, "DUDE", the logical explanation is that there is no evidence of ANYTHING supernatural EVER occurring
Dozshura 17.08.2018
What laws? Are you talking about laws against state issued marriage? Who cares? It isn't religious it is hate. Just as the reason a state issued marriage was started. To stop interracial marriage. That wasn't about religion. It was about hate.
Malasida 26.08.2018
First of all: YAY!! for the pic. I love that show.
Muzuru 28.08.2018
Welp, not much point anyone else posting now.
Gugal 02.09.2018
Although not impossible, last dog I had, had a double-coat. Mosquitos could not get through it.


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